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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What do you think?

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OK...Maybe it's just me.

I would suppose that most anything some one chooses to post in a blog is legal with the caveat that one must not libel. I, as a personal belief, always hope to speak the truth...for me that is an ethical issue, in other words I wouldn't want to post or repeat a post that I even suspected to be false.

I found two blog posts today that are diametrically opposite. I'll just post the links and ask that you that read these.... and tell me what you think? Take a moment, if you have a few seconds, comment. Which would you find fits how you want the world to be like.... (A) or (B)?

Thank you.



And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda




  1. Both are frightening but each in their own way. On one hand, the first blog offers some genuine emotion, but under highly grave circumstances. Though, the blogger's ability to understand and emphasize is far beyond what I've commonly seen. (._.)

    The second one is simply plain snark over a person who may have some major issues. The rampant negativity of the overall blog post is pretty typical internet stuff. I'm surely guilty of it myself. But, it's surely an example of two unhealthy people reacting to the world in their own selective ways. (._.)

  2. Hi dear lady Brinda.

    I found the first
    to be full of life
    and the latter
    to be empty and void.

    I found the first
    to have meaning and strife
    and the latter
    to be one just annoyed.

    I found the first
    to ring beyond its ending
    and the latter
    to be silently descending

    I think the person's sister found something more beautiful than any world could contain, leaving us to just admire.


  3. Andor...I would have expected no less of you.

  4. As charity is the opposite of justice, bitterness is certainly the opposite of wisdom.

  5. Yes...Early this year after meeting ppl that will never afford what we have to even comment here, I found great wisdom, peace, and acceptance there.

  6. Delinda / Denise was truly unique. To be able to forgive the man who caused her such loss..really not sure I would have the same strength / compassion. So to answer your question I would choose option A. How different our world would be...

    As for Second Life..again it would be A. Sadly I suspect we are heading at full speed toward a world more like B...I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it...

  7. 'B' stands for 'boring'. And Delinda/Denise was a wonderful person.

  8. Thank you both...Out of 6 billion people in the world I have been truly blessed to have met such beauty.