"Listen with an open mind, but don't try to remember this stuff. There's no quiz at the end." Jack Kornfield

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Helping as best We can

Today was the first time in quite awhile i've been able to spend a few hours at one Help Island...217 today. It always makes my day when I get a chance to be able to take new ppl...primarily women... and help them change out of the default clothes. Yes..I do have a few things for guys...but the girls are the ones most interested in how they look. And the freebie boards there.....well.........the best i can say is out of 3 boxes of clothes..i found one jacket that was useable. The rest of the stuff make em look so cheap! Just to listen to them chat about how they feel about how they look with nice jeans, a decent blouse or T shirt,heels,a basic AO (courtesy of Ilse Mannomen), and fairly nice hair makes me feel that I have contributed something for the good of all. Although I didnt see her today.. theres a Secondlife Mentor that I see regularly on the HIs. Rachel Ascot. Rachel and her good friend Bulli Schumann are mentors that spend a lot of time actually helping ppl. Ive yet to hear a harsh word from either of patient..and yet full of good humour. Last count I think the mentors are down to just over 1600... from something like 7000...rumour is that LL is just letting that program die out. Often I can count 80 to 100 new accounts on the 40 HIs...and no mentors. I could be wrong..but first impressions are so important, and having loving, able, well informed ppl helping ppl in there first few minutes would seem to be a great first impression. Oh well, maybe the best I can do is to do what i nooblet at a time :-) love always, brinda Namaste

Another that makes a difference: Rachel Ascot

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nice People

Had a brief chat last eve with what may well be one of the nicest young ppl in Secondlife, Cricky Coberts. I met Cricky a few months ago at a welcome area, and got a nice compliment from him 'bout 90 seconds into our chat when he told me that it was nice to meet someone that didn't immediately go to sex talk/offers etc. {He didn't kno how old I was lol}. Our talk yesterday involved him abandoning some land at Benares. The parcel was overdue 3 days at that time...and the first thing the kid did was to pay me the overtime tier. {Where does THAT ever happen?} Then he explained that he just had to leave for awhile....the place had a few difficult memories for him. I kno bout stuff like that...PN and others griefing Lythria a couple years ago regularly, drove me to an estate...and to this day it's with sadness that I go back to that sim. Crickys case was that he tryed to help ppl....{your a few L$ short on tier? sure, I can help. ETC.} and of course... Ppl my age see where this goes....those ppl he helped promptly forgot his name. His concern? That I personally , #1 understood why he was leaving ..#2 that I not lose even a minutes tier because of his judgement..#3 That I wasn't gonna kick him out of our group. This from the nicest, sweetest, funniest, most caring person i've met in sometime. Sadly... those ppl that kinda bit the helping hand will likely never read this...('tween us...Theres prolly a grand total of 3 ppl that see what I write)... But that doesn't mean it's not important for someone to acknowledge just exactly what happened. And to tell any that may some day read even one word of this what I think of this young man as well as the older sister that took on the job of being a Mom to him. Cricket...You are such a stand up guy. Someone I will always remember. We will remain friends. Limpy...Heck of a job you've done also. Thank you. With love, brinda Namaste Two more names of those that make a difference in Secondlife: Cricky Coberts Limpy Hax

Monday, August 24, 2009

So Much I'll Never Understand

There is so much I'm sure that (1) I'll never kno..or understand..(2) Stuff I don't need to kno..or understand. Recent events concerning ppl I kno in SL have left me more than a lil baffled. And while I'm sure theres enuff *blame* to go around...I still am left wondering, Why? I realize that no world is perfect and for many years RL I wasn't a part of the solution...I was the pb. I have finally grown up....well part of the way :-). When I came to Secondlife in May 2007 I sat in total awe of what I saw on the screen. As the months turned into a couple years my goals here changed. With much help from the 4 ppl you can find in my SL profile I have attempted to create a beautiful place where all are welcome if they come in peace. We have had a constant turn over of new ppl come, take advantage of a guest house, {everybody needs a place they feel they *belong*}, learn a lil about how to basically function and often move along into what ever their dream becomes. My/our rules are simple...respect one another. Have fun. Now...concerning *chickens* :-)...{sorry couldn't resist}...I guess we do have a rule about chickens..........ooops thats under respect! Respecting the region where we live means yur chickens, cats, dogs, birds,whatever can't cause excessive collision lag. But I wouldn't kill yur chicks :-) I'de suggest to you that we fix the lag.... Respectfully. I see ppl either *flame* others with statements... Grief them with objects or scripts... Just be mean in general. And I just don't *get* it. I had some avatars assault my sim early on...prim litter..obscene posters...WW2 german airplanes on my lawn... Actually created enuff of a performance slump that a couple of Lindens and about 8 mentors showed up...guessing.. cause no one here called them. Retaliation? Only that those ppl are still estate banned. Thats it. No blog posting. No griefing. No harsh words. I may be wrong...but thats all I did. Maybe where I'm trying to go with all this is that if we all do .... "And eye for and eye".. We all end up blind. Do I love everyone? Heck No! I have had avatars land here ..I've read their profile.. and estate banned em on the spot...{show up with a profile glorifying rape etc....POOOF! :-) } I've had residents exploit the real life *issues* of another. They had to go...Respectfuly... Returned tier...Objects...muted...banned. End. Perhaps it goes back to something I heard so many years ago from a woman that was just shy of one hundred years old. "Respect demands respect... Intelligence demands intelligence...Some folks you just have to leave where ya found em, 'cause ya can't carry everybody with ya". With love, brinda Namaste

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sad to see...And not Sad

Looks as tho I've lost someone I admired today. I attempted to comment in a reasonable honest manner on a blog. Well... What's that old saw? My blog My rules? I refuse to sit quietly and at least not ask questions when I see unreasonable behavior. Life goes on. A good note. Bridgett IMed me today....I had asked her to try and stay in touch even tho shes not spent much time in SL over the last year or so. She and her hubby are expecting a child....their first! How wonderful :-) She talked about not ever coming back now that her life will be so full. I think ive talked her into at least logging in once a month or so even tho theyre moving to where dial up is all they'll have. At least keep the acount active, 'cause you never kno. Bridgett was such a joy to watch grow up a bit...such a loving person. She was every sim owners dream....kind, loving, a part of, and yes, paid her tier on time! We never kno from day to day where we will I can't see ever wanting to leave Secondlife. Recently I've been blessed by having an influx of residents. As time goes on I'm going to mention some here. Theres one that all seem to love....Boyd. Anytime I see a group gathered, I often see Boyd there somewhere involved. Besides...who doesn't love a clown! OK nuff for today..... with love,brinda Namaste More that make a difference: Mucaro India

Friday, August 21, 2009


Why? "Your World..Your Imagination". Those words really rang thru for me when I first saw them. { a ruff quote from Linden Lab...concerning Secondlife} While my first feeble attempts to be social in SL were laffable...{my fault purely :-) } I was befriended by a member from 2003...someone that took an interest in me....she didn't *want* anything. She invited me places, engaged me in chat, introduced me to other people. She did all this ,*just 'cause*. 'Cause, I see it today, it was the right thing to do. As you can see {and i'm writing this as much to myself as anyone} This is a brand new attempt by me to see if it's possible to write a blog that doesn't flame, troll, disparage (much), or irritate a lot of ppl. In RL I'm one of those desribed as a senior SL i've only found a couple of ppl older than I :-)'s great defense against those guys that are *In Love*....usually with anything that moves. Where I want to go with this is to post about how to be a constructive part of Secondlife. While some of what I do mite be construed as horn blowing..that's not my goal. I do a few things in SL that I am proud of..yes. And in later posts I'll likely mention some...again, not as advertising, but as a way to demonstrate that a care for all of us isn't a bad thing. I'll make this reasonably short...and list a couple names of ppl that have the qualities I find as helping all of us to find truly *Our World*. With love, brinda Namaste * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * In no special order: Prissielou Flora Ling Hotshot Polyhistor Serpente Bulli Schumann Hunter Benazzi Boyd Doghouse Effulgent Brown Imnotgoing Sideways Look for more in future posts...{too many to post at once}

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Following my advice to a friend about those that would mistake both silence and kindness as weakness and tacit agreement...I guess its time for me to speak up as well. It saddens me to see ppl catch all bloody hell just cause they are......... re: http:// It just baffles me to see those who are Always Right. No ones ever Always right. Certainly not me...recently I posted to a blog about some ones rude behavior. Fortunately the *rude* person sent me the unedited version of the conversation in question. Turns out that someone I respected for the help they provide to the Secondlife community had edited a few salient comments out of the text. Comments that proved that the *rude* person was actually very helpful at first. I had/needed to promptly apologize to the *rude* person. You didnt hurt at all... Its more important for me to be happy than to be right. Maybe the best response ive learned in recent years is.."Maybe you're right". My friend above will survive all this labeling.... Its all just so unecessary.