"Listen with an open mind, but don't try to remember this stuff. There's no quiz at the end." Jack Kornfield

Monday, November 30, 2009

Gone...not Forgotten

Andors Rowboat...well Almost...
A Rose for a Friend...
Each of us must find our own way in any world....
I had the privilege to have Andor in my life for quite awhile...Actually as Secondlife seems to compress time...Andor was in my life for a long time.
Last week, just before I took a couple days off...He left Benares to chase his dream...
His rowboat was left at the edge of his parcel...and in another of my *finer* moments, I didn't get a picture of it.
Last evening upon my return it was missing...thus this poorly done substitute...
I want to believe it's the thought that counts.
{Andy...if you still honour me by reading this blog...maybe slip in and set your old boat where you kept it?} I really want a picture of the real thing.
If you set it to Benares group I'll be able to move it if I ever decide to sell that parcel.
And so it goes
As love to you all, brinda

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Explore Secondlife History

Explorer Magellin Linden "Discovered" *The Moth Temple*

The Remains of Magellin's Airship

Oil Rig on The Tug Boat Route
Set Midnite...You Will See Where Our Prims Are Made
Fun stuff...The Magellin Linden Exploration was the *excuse* for opening the Northern Continent some years ago...Thanks to Emerald derendering I was able to remove a few builds to kinda give an original feel to the picture.
Among Magellin's discoveries was The Moth Temple...ruins left behind by the Moth it's the Iris Info hub.
The Oil Platform is one of just a very few Linden builds {best viewed at midnite} can see prims sliding down a chute for shipment to inventory secondlife =^..^= This is a location where Phillip Linden occasionally held in world meetings....wait a few minutes and catch a ride on the tug boat that travels across three ocean sims. {If you do ride...sit...don't stand'll have a tough time resitting}..(voice of experience!). Moth Temple...Great day or night...Iris 202,138,30. Magellin Linden crash site...Columbia 170,110,29 Oil Platform...ANWR 105,170,40 And so it goes History that's fun! My Love always, brinda Namaste

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Flors Place... East Shore Mainside
A Great View Out Over The East Basin...And a Wonderful Place to share a Cup of Tea
The Title of This Post..courtesy of Breye
Many thanks to Breye for the above notecard.
I've been reading that note for a couple days now...and the longer I look at what it says...the less sure I am of why I'm in any ones life...or they in mine.
I sat on the roof of Flor's house last evening...sharing good conversation and hot tea.
If you haven't met Flor...please do take a moment if you see her at home to drop in and say hello. During our chat last evening Flor said something I've heard a few times before...thats that if she hadn't found Benares and our people... She wouldn't have stayed in Secondlife.
Does that please me...of course. Do I believe her...yes. Do I believe it's justified...I hope so.
I heard that statement again just this morning from a friend in her Email to me.
Those of you that know me know that Benares is labour of love...I hope a refuge of both serenity and fun...and while it was my dream...I have had so much help since I established this place.
My goal has remained the same from day one...there have been a few changes...some I know have improved us...and some I hope have.
Odds and ends....
Last evening Callme and Ronin moved to a larger parcel....{there's always a prim battle lol}. While Poly was terraforming for them I see Andor rowing his boat around the sim with Callme along for the's things such as that that let me believe that this community thing we have is the answer to the vast emptiness of Secondlife.
Under the heading of stuff I don't get...
I'm led to believe that there's a way of *griefing* going on in Secondlife that disturbs me. Actually all griefing disturbs me...but this causes financial loss...and as I've said before...I can understand organized crime and their contract murders {not condone...understand}.
"Nothing personal...just business".
This griefing involves sending false Abuse Reports...not just one, but having a group of people or their alts conspire to falsely accuse someone of almost anything in order to get them suspended for a period of time. Is it jealousy? Random meaness? I don't get it.
I want to start posting interesting places here as well as "news" {read gentle gossip =^..^=}..So if anyone finds places that speak to them, or certainly historical places...please let me know. It seems the apparent *time compression* in Secondlife makes things of just a few months or a year ago seem so much longer. And, like the beanstalk of Stellar Sunshine...I think it's perhaps important to document this life.
And so it goes
My love always, brinda

Monday, November 23, 2009

Secondlife History-Stellar Sunshine

I just finished reading "The Making Of Secondlife" by Wagner James Au...nee Hamlet Linden.
{Well he was a Linden for a few months in early 2003.}
Au was commissioned to document the early days of Secondlife..first as an insider, a Linden, and then as *one of us*. As some of you total immersion in Secondlife leads me toward learning the history of this platform.
Au's book has some wonderful insights...among these is the story of Stellar Sunshine.
Stellar was the very first resident...rezzed as you see almost a full year before Secondlife was open to the public...the original Beta user. That first evening, when the Lindens logged off, they left Stellar on alone. The next morning the staff logged on to see a cabin with smoke rising from the chimney and a giant beanstalk next to it. The Southern California mother of four small children had created the first resident build in Secondlife.
While the cabin is long gone...and the land has changed...the beanstalk is still there.
Stellars original *game* was/is to climb the beanstalk by jumping from leaf to leaf.
I couldnt find Stellar in people search...I did search *bean stalk* {two words} and found both the landmark as well as her old profile. I have an idea that Stellar may well no longer be in world...but ever hoping..I did leave an IM=^..^=
If you're a fan of Secondlife history..go take a look.
I'm amazed at what she did with zero experience.
In the coming day or so I intend to read, "I Avatar"...a look at the culture and consequences of having a second life.
I know, I know, I have way too much spare time :-)
And so it goes
My love to all, brinda

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Odds & Ends

Sabre**************First Prize 750L$ Lala************Second prize 500L$
Angel************Third Prize 250L$
Thank you to all that contributed to our picture contest...both those that entered well as those that took the time to vote. I realize that while community based activities aren't easy or interesting for's my belief that community is one of the things that separates us from so much of the friendless anonymity of Secondlife in general.
As one of the older members once said...Secondlife seems so much bigger if you don't have a home...a place you feel you belong.
In the last couple days I've had three visits & one IM from past residents.
Veronica F. stopped by just to say hello...{such a far cry from real life..where so often when someone *drops by* it's 'cause they want/need something}.
Gigi stopped in..{our friend from Turkey}.
Sunlatina from Peru also came to say hello.
And this morning Jade sent me a wonderful IM...Things like that are a big part of why I'm here.
On a sad note...two years ago Thursday our other Peruvian girl, Lita, lost her real life sister. Lita is still very young and the loss of a sibling is traumatic at most any age. My heart goes out...and the only words I could have for Lita is that time will soften the pain.
Thoughts from Crap....if you've not checked out this blog, I think you might be missing something. { }
Darn it looks like you may have to copy/paste...worth the effort. parting, the thing that bugs me most here at Benares is those rare times when residents don't communicate with me. I need to know if your neighbors are bothering you..{particles from trees coming through your wall...a scripted bird flying across your parcel...whatever. Let one of us know...I've got either myself or managers in world from around 5:30 AM SLT 'till 3 or 4 AM the next day. I also would like to know your plans if you should decide to leave us...I don't want a tier box to run 4 days in arrears and parcel return your objects! Gosh what a mess when you rerezz...prims explode everywhere.
{If that happens....go find an empty sandbox and rezz..easier to find all your objects}. While I do have Bubbles looking at tier boxes daily...mistakes happen...old timers might get me and I forget.
And you know...if the above is the worst of my day? I'm ok.
And so it goes
I do love you all, brinda

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Golden Things I've Found

Effulgent Brown......
A wonderland......
Effys Shop......
Yes...Shameless promotion.... The story...{there's always a story=^..^=}.
I came to Secondlife a true newbie...I've spoken before of the three weeks it took for me to learn that my beanie and my hair were one. After I solved that puzzle and found some clothes, skin, all the things it takes to not look quite so new, I went looking for land. I stumbled onto Arrazura ... {long gone now}... and following the estate owners recommendation, I commissioned Minke Bailey to create a custom home. I had no idea that there were really nice well done homes for sale that were actually under 250 prim!
A bit later I found Effies wasn't just a shop. I don't remember exactly how big it my guess is that the place covered a quarter region.
Effy...{Effulgent Brown}...had a wonderful setting where all of her houses were rezzed in a feudal Japan setting. One could wander along paths, over bridges, and explore her houses. Where today she has six styles, I think then there might have been a couple more. There were pavilions, pagoda towers, tea houses, a shop area with accessories...I was in heaven.
Over the next year plus I purchased quite a few of Effys fact you can see I still use the Autumn Moon house as my own. I used her places as rentals at my mainland region.
One day I teleported to the was gone. There was a small different shop there...but my dreamland was gone. I looked at at her profile...she had announced that she had left Secondlife.
I always felt such a connection with Effy...even though I had never met her.
A few weeks later I sent her an IM...just on the chance that some one that had come to Secondlife as early as Effy couldn't just stop. She came when six thousand on line was a big day...when Secondlife was a lot like high school.
She answered my IM a bit later and actually came to my home one evening. We chatted for well into a hour...I've always been fascinated by our early members and their stories. One of the things that Effy said made me have hope that she couldn't stay gone...She said that as she abandoned her land and closed Secondlife...the thought occurred to her..."What have I just done!"
Last evening a friend sent me a great note..asking me to resend it. I'm not sure why....but I sent that note to only chat with her had been in March...but I saw the note accepted!
As I had hoped...Effy's back! She has a small shop @ House of Effulgent. Hogadon (85,214,105)
I would encourage all of you take a bit to go look around...her houses are low prim and well done. She has screens for sale, Asian furnishings, and all the textures used in her creations are available in case you choose to modify...and being in the snow's quiet and peaceful.
Likely you won't get the chance to meet a person I so her own admission Effulgent is rather shy...though her name means radiant light...or shining light. It's a quiet peaceful presence she gives off, Effy feels good to be around.
So often my real life acquaintances ask me what I find in this platform....
I find the Effys......
I find you......
And every now and then.............I find me.
And so it goes
My love to you all, brinda

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Things That Make Me Go...Hmmm

Katina * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Lala Two that mean so much...You look at one's profile and think new...or doesn't care. The other looks so new here...'cause she was when that picture was taken. Both do care. Two of my oldest friends in Secondlife. Lala is my adopted Secondlife daughter...we chat or IM almost without fail schedule...just turns out that way. Katina...weeks might go on without a word between us...and then...*meow*. And every now and then, that's we likely shared four or five sentences...we haven't seen each other face to face in over two years. I'm in California, USA...Kat's in Turin, Italy. I see us as being in the others Secondlife as long as Secondlife is here. It's in my profile picks...there's that bond that one finds with the those you come to Secondlife with...hang on to them if you can. These last few days have been really busy for me...Kiki returned to Benares. She came here a day old...went and lived Secondlife for six months...and returned last week to live. Flor came last week...looked around for a day or so and has moved in on the East shore. Lita...our Lima, Peru girl has a small bachlorette home out West. Callme is busy setting up a house where Quinby was out East...(soon as Quinby moves her chickens lol). Quinbys moving to a larger parcel out SW west sim... A warm welcome to all...I will do my best. Finally Barbara's come home! Poly too! And Bubbles is wanting a new tier box location note card! Does it sound like I'm involved? I wouldn't have it any other way. If you haven't heard...two things from the far side. Effective December 11th...the Secondlife Mentors will cease to exist. Many did a lot of good...some were "tag hunters" {look at how important I am}...some were corrupt...many were just lazy. I have mixed feelings...Ive had the chance to work closely with many...a few I call close friends. There's a couple that aren't worth the effort to unplug their PCs if I could. The second thing has to do with Xstreet and the cut Linden Lab sees as fit. It sounds a lot like the death of the "cottage" industry that has started Secondlife. And while so many see that as so sad? Personally, I didn't come here to supplement my real life income... Big business is here, alive and well... Philip the dreamer is gone... Maybe it's time to repay the *start up* money... And so it goes My love to you all Namaste

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Be Careful

I have mentioned in this post, as well as commenting on other blogs, about various role play actions in Secondlife.
This post will focus on what may well be the most potentially dangerous of the RP scenes in Secondlife....Gorean.
I was given the notecard, shown above, not long ago...and the story that goes with that note is one of sadness. Sadness for a lot of us...because that note was given to a friend of mine by a very strong woman...a woman that I cared what happened to...a woman that got lost somewhere around the fourth paragraph.
That she saw the potential for problems, and shared that note with my friend, saved my friend...but her own descent into the very thing she cautioned against hurt more than a few of us. I'm still so sad for Gin...a sweet island girl that wasn't prepared for anything more than love and joy. I've wondered since how many others were lost then...and will be lost in the future. And why do I still see a pick on the profile of the person that gave that note to my friend that says that her time here was the happiest in her life?
My time in Secondlife is better now than it was a year ago...and it was better then than it was the day I first stood on Orientation Island.
Role play is fantasy...Secondlife is dear sweet friend Bubbles isn't a bunny rabbit.
It's fun...and harmless...My good friend Breye lives in the West RL, and role plays in 1860 Texas.
While she thoroughly enjoys her 1860 life...she isn't so immersed in it that she can't see reality.
I can't see slavery..even fantasy slavery...but that's me. Fantasy slavery isn't the danger here.
The two real dangers are in getting emotionally trapped..... trapped emotionally in Secondlife just means perhaps losing this fantastic chance to be a part of something so big. I have close friends on seven continents...where else but Secondlife.
The other trap is that the Gorean cult...{and boy will they argue that one!} real life as well.
Google *Gorean*.... or for an in world peek, look at the Alphaville Herald 02/2006 confessions of a Gorean slave.
While I laugh at the thought of anyone dragging me by my hair anywhere....Or being involved with any one wearing a *quickly detachable loincloth for easy access*...I'm not new. And today I can learn from the mistakes of others. That note is available from me in world if you can't read it... Please think long and hard if that world is one you choose... And so it goes I love you all, brinda Namaste

Beautiful Thoughts

Original Art Work by Andor Diechter
Benares has so many talented people...I so often sit in amazement at what I'm privileged to be a part of.
A special thank you to Andor for sharing this original art work.
For those that may not recognize all...
Clockwise from center left: Poly, Ling, Myself, Twinkle, & Andor
Not pictured in this post... Lala, DaAngel, Krasin, Kattie...these have been here a long well as fifteen or so others that have since joined us.
The first picture taken at Benares is of Lala setting our silver palm on January 24th 2008.
This past year has seen so many come...and sadly a few leave...
as long as they're happy.
The talent goes well as the sense of community.
Thank you is never overused.
And so it goes
Love to all, brinda

Friday, November 13, 2009

Caterpillars, Butterflys, and Souls

What We See So Depends On Where We Stand
What Is Beauty But Perception
Does Life Mean Less If It's Not Lived In The Sun?
I think that I may not get to know many of the answers to my questions...and for the first time in my life...that's OK.
Yesterday was a wonderful day...Twice in twenty four hours I was given the gift of meeting beautiful souls. I'm certain that the reason I didn't meet more was because of where I was mentally *standing*...not because those souls weren't there.
At this point on my journey to the butterfly's dream I understand that many won't relate to some of what I believe to be *truth*...not because of my veracity or lack of...but because we don't stand in identical places. And yet twice in one day I found some that could identify.
One of my early observations of life was when I intuitively *knew* at age maybe 10 that I was a much older soul than my Mother. That can be scary for a child if they have no one to discuss that idea with...and discussions like that in 1952 in central Illinois were likely rare =^..^=.
Not so oddly I found one of those souls here on Benares...I was so deep in thought and true communication that I allowed Secondlife night to fall. {Some know that I always have midday set}.... Watching the sunset and the stars come out was just *right*.
I have encouraged my fellow soul to perhaps publish some of the thoughts, poems, and life observations that are such a part of all sentient beings...yes, to stand in the sun.
My other encounter was with someone still on Help Island....We had spent those minutes I believe to be so important for new people...dressing and answering questions...and as I was about to leave, she said, "Darn it..I was looking for a Namaste gesture".
OMG! I said, you're one of us! :-). Buddhist. We spent the next while chatting at an entirely different level...Not as teacher and student...but fellow travelers on a path to stand in the light someday.
Perhaps today I will allow others to enter my life
My burdens are very light
And so it goes
My love to you, brinda

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Our Perceptions...What One Sees Another Doesn't picture credit: Imnotgoing Sidewise
Hope Village...The View From a Wheelchair is Different
Immy...What I See is Someone That Cares
picture credit: Prokofy Neva
January 2009...What You See Wasn't What Was There
I'm sorry I missed yesterday...While my head runs 24/7 and saying most of what I'm thinking has become great therapy as well as an obsession , it always seems like there's *stuff* to do.
The evening before created a lot of different feelings. Everyday I try to, *make my rounds*, teleporting to Ross, Morris, Isabel, Waterhead...just looking for a feeling of what's going on in Secondlife. Ross is always my first stop....It was where I entered Secondlife, my first "home" location and so has a special place in my memories here.
Now as I teleported in, I could see on radar that it was going to be interesting...Prokofy was there clearing the bulletin board and Immy was helping a new guy change his default clothes.
For those that don't know the story...suffice it to say...there's no love lost on at least one of their behalf's. {Details here: }.
Now, not wanting to keep all the entertainment to myself, I IMed one of my friends to the *show* =^..^=. And that friend told another..and another...and soon we had a party :-)
After a few coming and goings...things settled down...and while a couple of my friends had heard me speak of was the first time all had met.
With Immy a lot of what ya see is what ya get...She has given me good advice when I asked...and that meeting at Ross wasn't the first time I've seen her helping people.
Darkly Cute is her shop...and her attitude...look at the third picture. She's self descibed as a lil creepy. And I think a good soul. My Perception, yes.
Yesterday I explored a wonderful region...Hope Village. Secondlife is so much hope for so many. Among many other disability issues, we have people in Secondlife that physically can't stand because of physical limitations. In Secondlife these same people can dance, they can fly...what a gift!
Perhaps take 2minutes 48 seconds to realize that Secondlife is where that gift can be had.
My perceptions of *problems* melts away standing at Hope Village. I think yours will also.
Looking at the picture of Benares from nearly a year ago... One can see there have been a lot of changes, and while that picture looks peaceful...there was an undercurrent then that made life go in a direction that wasn't dedicated to the good of all. I'm glad we survived and I hope I finally learned something completely that my Mother told me so long ago.... "It's not wise to judge the inside looking at only the outside". Perception.
Had an interesting chat last evening at Help Island 224. While I can't *take this info to the bank*, I believe that the first of December may well see the end of the Secondlife entry experience as we know it now. Take a look at this
There has been chatter on the forums for quite awhile that Linden Lab was going to *outsource* the entry experience. The way things have gone, retention rates have been around 10%...(I'm not sure of how long is "retention").
In the next few weeks I plan on taking some pictures of these Help Islands. The way pictures have become so important to me lately...I want someday to be able to share pictures of where I've spent so many hours. I'm interested if any of you has any pictures of the old Orientation Islands or the first Help Islands.
While we can be anonymous as alternate accounts in Secondlife...I gather that some of *the powers that be* know exactly who brinda is...{and sound like they're OK with my act}.
One of my "Kates" was addressed as brinda last eve on HI224 by someone who has been here since early 2004 and will be pretty much running a Gateway. When people like that tell me they want me to be a part of what they are doing....It overwhelms me.
Such a long strange trip this life has been.
It has changed my perception of myself.
And so it goes
Please be kind, some struggle under heavy loads.
I love you all, brinda

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sometimes It's Just that kinda' Morning =^..^=

There's not a lot to whine about so far this morning...{Ah, but the day's just begun}... and while I've looked the days blogs...listened to Phillip Rosedales beach interview on Dusan Writers blog {linked here * *}...I've not logged in-world yet. So I may not know that the Benares server has gone up in smoke...there's zero back up, concierge phone service is down, the island was under furry attack with self replicating prims, our SLurl was confused with Help Island Public2... so when the server is replaced we will have 89 nooblets being booted into every tree and pond on the island,.............OH I'm sorry..that was last weeks *stuff* ROFL.

In a more mentally stable note.... Last evenings foray into the land where they're all 30 minutes old was wonderful. In a couple of sessions that totalled maybe 3 hours, I got the chance to do that which is another passion for me...I ended up dressing up 11 new people and answering questions for a lot more.

There have been numbers published by a couple of the Lindens, Alexa recently, that indicate retention of new accounts at around 10% of the total. A couple years ago approximately 15% never left Orientation Island. I will always believe that personal one on one contact would dramatically improve those numbers. I don't necessarily mean that Linden Lab should provide a one on one mentoring system...While that's a fantastic just won't scale. What I think would work though, is a system of volunteers to provide face to face answers to the questions we all had when new. Maybe they wouldn't do the kind of personal attention I try to provide...but give new accounts **some one** to talk to. Back this volunteer group with official Secondlife Mentors or some kind of *watchful eye*. And that *watchful Eye* needs to be there 24/7. Secondlife is worldwide...only about 40% of Secondlife is from the USA...perhaps 50% or so from the Western Hemisphere...this is doable.

As the system currently stands...rarely is there any supervision at the Help Islands...what we have now is that usually there are 100 new residents on the most commonly used HIs at any one the 3 hours I was out there I saw one Mentor on one island. That mentor wasn't there for 3 hours either. If anyone would like to check these numbers?...IM me, I will send you a HUD that will allow you to see the population on all the Welcome areas, all the Help Islands, and how many Mentors are on those sims.

The most common question I get other than, "What do I do next", is, "How do I go somewhere else"... {In case you've forgotten...there are prominent signs...There's a giant green beacon visible from everywhere on the island}...As new people we seem to have tunnel vision... We want to have someone say "Here, click this". Todays system is the blind leading the blind...

Having watched most of you that do me the honor of looking at this blog...I see people that would be happy to help any one that asked them. I believe that all of the people in our community are those who do take the time to answer a new persons questions.

For me, I haven't forgotten how it felt to, *not know*. To know that others seemed to have a better stand, or nicer hair, or somewhere to go or be. It was like high school all over again...and I was ashamed to ask.

If I can...I want to help as many as I can to know that the Secondlife Dream is alive for many of us. That's my passion here...the reason I've helped well over a thousand new people to maybe feel that someone cared about *them*. If any of this turns into something that speaks to you...come talk to me.

And so it goes

Love and care, brinda


Monday, November 9, 2009

Coming and Going

**Lands End, Baja California Mexico...Looking Towards Antarctica**

The picture was taken at the southern most point of the Baja California peninsula.... Straight ahead to Antarctica...{it will be a very long sail}... And yes, I've ridden in a small boat through that hole =^..^=. There's no particular hidden message here...if one goes to 'Lands End', the finiteness of the third planet from the star we call Sol becomes a little easier for some to see.

Good news...My friend Poly and I were standing in front of my place yesterday trying to educate me on how to export XML files to my hard drive. Good news a couple ways....*A*... I really do know what that means today, and can do it. *B*... A friend I hadn't seen in two years suddenly teleported in.

I've posted often and {recently} about memories in Secondlife, pictures, and old friends. Giolla is all of those for me. Memories...Gigi knew the first four of us when I had mainland. She gave me a copy of a picture prim that I gave her... she's and old friend. I was her first friend in Secondlife...once we sat up nearly all night at one of my rental sky boxes talking about life in general as well as Gigi's goal to eventually leave Istanbul and come to Los Angeles. We talked about the difficulty of being a modern, educated, young woman in today's Turkey and the pressures that traditional families bring on those women.

Gigi fell in love with a fellow Turk...Often it seems that so many men just can't bring themselves to figure out that the new women in their lifes are their equals...and sometimes a step ahead... that holds true in any life. When the traditional stuff collided with the modern woman...Gigi took a long sabbatical from Secondlife. I think she's young enough and bright enough to have taken away a wonderful albeit painful lesson. I'm glad she's back... and I'm proud that she took the time to find me again.

How many times do I see people drift don't hear from them for weeks or months...they've found other remove then from your friends list....And suddenly your "such a horrid person". {"How sad you removed me...What did I ever do to you?"} etc etc.

Told you Gigi was bright...calling cards stay 'till you delete them...she looked at the card and found me again.

Sadder news...We've lost two residents in a week now....

It's easier for me to understand one more than the other. Skyler was new...a couple months old. It so often takes a while to find our passion here...I've mentioned before how I ask any one I meet that's been in Secondlife longer than I why they have remained. Without exception I find they have found a passion that *speaks* to them. Creativity, service, community, {Or what the heck is Linden Labs gonna do next lol?}...these are the common passions. So far, I've never heard pixel sex, tasty vampire blood, wonderful slave handcuffs, hot pose balls, or any variation of that. If I do...I may check it out :=) ....because I want to stay.

Jade is a different story...She came early in 2009... with a great passion for building. She has a ton of talent...Like many I meet, she was doing things at a couple months old that I still can't achieve. She had always said she loved Benares and it's people and would live here some day. And she did...She got a beautiful private islet parcel..tryed out a couple of houses....started to furnish those houses...and then I guess met just the *right* people. First went the furniture....then she came to me and told me she had involved herself in a clan of some sort, and she felt the need to go live closely with that clan at their sim. Jade has promised me that she won't forget us...that she will come often and visit. I hope so...she's really such a great kid.

Some leave with no contact at all... Some will send me a note card...One I happened to see on the beach late one evening taking her prims. Jade is one of five that have come to me to tell me their plans face to face. That is a special thing with me...of that five, Angel and Kattie have returned...Rihanne and Gabby also came to me...though I doubt they would return. I do hope Jade comes to see us...and if she doesn't...Well, I think she did the stand up thing in considering this community as worthy of coming and telling us her plans. She will always have both a place in my heart...and a place in Benares history.

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda


Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Time and Place for Everything

** Other Times and Other Places...A Couple will Remember This**
There was a day before Secondlife...{Hard to see when I'm hip deep in this delightful world.} And there will come a day when there is no Secondlife. Obviously I don't have an inside view but... In 1900, buggy whip businesses were everywhere, today they're gone.
If you're new...take pictures...if you're not new..take lots of pictures.
I wish I had taken more and saved them. It's funny that in real life I've cared very little about photographing life as it's passed me by and yet here I have such nostalgia for events of just a couple years ago.
I had an IM from a person yesterday asking me about land....I promptly sent a note card detailing exactly when I would be in world as well as the names of managers that might beat me here. Later that early evening the person came and asked to see land.... I, of course, asked how large a parcel was sought. My questioner said she was interested in enough land to support 1875 prims (8192M2) as well as water access for her yacht. {Now unless you're a nooblet I think you can see where this is going}. "OK" I said...I led her to the north east section of mainside where there is a contiguous section that is 8192...and water in front. Then came "How much?"...17K L$.
"Well, that's 4K L$ more than I'm paying now, and my yacht wont cross the sim line without returning to inventory". Keep in mind this person wasn't new...and neither am I.
*A* if she's got a deal like that?...What the heck is she doing here? Mainland waterfront land facing a Linden sea doesn't rent for 13K L$.
*B* There's no way she's got a deal like that on an estate. (does she imagine her 150/200 prim yacht loads servers free?..unless it's docked on her land.)
I guess she will learn...I wished her well...gave her the name of the largest rental business in Secondlife and was genuinely happy she didn't want to stay.
When I say I was happy she didn't stay....well...suppose she had. I have a responsibilty to all of you to provide as great an experience here at your home as I can, that's why I have people here that watch for script lag and griefers. All you want is to log in and find a runaway yacht sideways halfway into your place..{just far enough out that you can't parcel return}.
I had an off world E-mail from a resident today...
OK first, let me say that I have people come here and stay... {Krasin has a small place on the East shore...she's had that place continuously longer than anyone excepting staff...including me..I've relocated my house once}.
I have some that come and stay for awhile..leave..and return.
I have some that come..stay a bit.. leave and I never hear from them again.
From the days of my mainland rentals {the picture at the top was the view from the rental houses}..I've wanted a community. I have always tried to wish those leaving the best that Secondlife could offer as well as returning unused tier.
My E-mail today talked about how there are those that retaliate with meanness and open hostility if someone won't follow the direction the *powers that be* determine to be *correct*. You leave them because the direction they are heading isn't the way you choose to live? You are ostracized
I think that's sad.
Last evening had both a very funny well as one of the times I live for. Funny.. I saw this guy that was maybe literally five minutes old...he was "IN LOVE" [with anything that moved] =^..^=. He was trying to tell this new girl all he was going to do for her. Amazing. The times I live for... Angi came to Benares...this young woman soaks up info like a thirsty sponge. My gosh...she was doing things in 15 minutes I didn't do for a couple years. Rereading this post...there's a lot I want to say. Yet at my age I am slowly learning just how hurtful words can be and that there is time to wait. Rather to bite my tongue than to needlessly hurt another... more will be revealed. And so it goes My love to you all, brinda Namaste

Friday, November 6, 2009

Growth...Mine or Yours?

***Twinkle was here last evening!*** Most of you that read this have never met Twinkle....for a variety of reasons. *A* She doesn't come in world often anymore....her real life career is off and running well. *B* She doesn't crave the attention... *C* When she is here she pretty well has to remain over 500 meters...the bandwidth available to her just won't support a lot of objects {or sound}... The bottom line is while I named this estate...Benares wouldn't exist without Twins help and dedication...When I wanted to do this place the technical challenges were more than I could handle. I have posted before about how important it's been for me to retain the friends that I came to Secondlife with. First was Lala...then Twin...(our rezz dates are 'bout 6 weeks different 'cause it took me nearly a month after I joined to get broadband). I have learned the very basics of computers from her...that's a difficult path to navigate when the teacher is of a different culture...19000 km away...and an engineer. =^..^= I've been thinking...{perhaps the three most dangerous words in my vocabulary!}... Growth here in Secondlife....what does it mean...and to who? In my chat last evening with my dear friend I saw myself proudly telling her my last couple of technical achievements. {I sounded like a child :-)...never mind the nearly 40 years age difference}. Simple things really...a textured landmark giver. A tiny sound clip I did with *Audacity*. Simple for some of you...not so for others. We both smiled at the vision of the two of us hanging in mid air a couple of years ago next to a 60 meter mega prim sign while she tried to tell me how to map the texture...{I wanted to strangle her :-) }. A little earlier in the week another friend and I discussed the paths that quite a few in Secondlife choose to follow....role play. Now I try to tell every nooblet I meet to always remember the first rule in Secondlife...HAVE FUN! (Thank you Ms Ling!) Sometimes forget that my idea of fun might not be yours. You see, for me, the *fun* here is learning how things work. While I started late in life both here in virtual worlds and in computers...I do have an almost insatiable desire to find out "why". I don't build well...Bubbles rabbit hutch is about the top of my skill level there...textures I'm ok social skills I'm working on. Role play is social skills...I just can't get into it. And the inability of some RPers to drop the role bugs me no end. For Breye loves the 1860s west...she keeps a rather modest place here at Benares...but spends most of her time doing what she truly loves. I was invited to her place at the Texas sim one eve . Now being into tech details I saw the fire in her fireplace wasn't as real looking as it could be....and 'cause my friend Poly had given me some sculpted *fire*, I asked Breye if I could redo the fire and lower the prim count a lot. "Sure", was her response. The guy standing there started mumbling about "witchcraft" as he watched my typing AO. He sounded like he was gonna have a stroke as I rezzed fire logs and redid the fireplace. What's that line about a time and place for everything? Another...And this one just blew me away. Picture a wedding in Secondlife...The officiating *preacher* is "Big Pauly" ...he's wearing a gun!...the entire entourage is supposed to be, "The Sopranos" or "Goodfellas". I peeked at a couple of profile pictures...most of the people better not even drive down the highway near some of California's prisons. A Secondlife wedding? OK, that's role play yes.... but that one I do *get*. I have been emotionally involved in Secondlife...and at a deeper level than I am with those friends that are closest to me today. All of Secondlife is role play...even Benares, and we often lose residents to role play...usually it ends up for the good of all. I've posted before about my dislike for the vampire scene as well as Gorean and BDSM...and while I wouldn't refuse land to those involved in that...those lifestyles would be difficult to square with the community philosophy here. Again I come to those words that seem to allow me to just let others go their way... "Your World...Your Imagination".....your world...not mine...your path to growth..not mine. I need to work more on my tolerance. And so it goes My love to you all, brinda Namaste

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Gift of Ears

***Katties back home***
*** Da Angel...Home***
Of the many gifts I've received from creating Benares and being a part of our community...that of watching people grow is high on the list.
One of today's pictures is a different view of Angels place...not because her place is better or worse or any visible criteria...but because of her history with this community. My last picture was of Angelic's place...this is DaAngels=^..^=. Angel. Angel was the very first resident at Benares {not counting the *first four*, {Ling, Lala, Twinkle, and myself}. If you speak to Angel in voice you will likely figure out where in the real world she's from...her voice is every bit as beautiful as she is.
Not long after Angel came she brought a "significant other" to join her. In many cases, Secondlife allows some of us to learn to set boundaries that perhaps wouldn't be so easily set in real life face to face situations. I am a big proponent of totally equality, and there are those that see my advice as meddling. {Advice almost always offered after a problem arises and advice is sought}.
After a few months Angel and the guy moved away...
A couple months later...Angel came back..{more often than not, those who leave Benares return}...She kept a low profile. She also paid off a few debts that had been
That's called honest.
She quietly moved to her current parcel as an alt when we got that homestead...she wasn't being sneaky...just not creating discontent with anyone.
Angel has returned....completely...nearly twenty months since Ling first brought her here. She has grown into a capable, self sufficient woman. A woman that can say "No" to a real life that would have had world travel and comfort. Why? Because it wouldn't have been what really makes her happy. My gift? Watching, providing this place, and just being a part of anothers life.
More Magic...
After experimenting with exploring new living places and around other people for a few months, as well as taking a break from Secondlife, Kattie returned to Benares.
As you can see...though she was away these past few days...she did rezz the house... it's still unfurnished...but she's returned home to the same corner parcel she left from. I won't go into detail now...I've touched on all that in recent posts, but Kattie too has learned that in order to be happy, the first master we must serve is ourselves.
The magic? Again getting being able to see growth in another human being.
Sometimes the hardest objective view is that of ourselves. Recently I've been able to see and appreciate the gifts and the magic that my mentors have given me.
I judge my progress by others...and that isn't an objective view. My tech mentors are two generations younger than I...{I remember when there was no broadcast TV :-) }.
I've heard some of things that these mentors tell me their real life co workers do...or can't/don't do....I'm coming along OK.
Perhaps the biggest gift for me?...It's *The Gift of Ears*. Translation? How about that line from and old rock song...."Just because you can see the stars don't (sic) mean you can see the light"?
Often it's difficult for many of us to listen to the words of others....particularly when the words come from those much younger.
If I read a lot of the doom and gloom preached by many on the forums or the various blogs.........
Content theft...(yes it's a problem).
Third party viewers...(don't know if that's as big a problem as purported).
Griefing...(yeah...pain if one creates hate....sometimes just a pain if one doesn't).
Linden land pricing...(pain! lol)
It's so easy to miss the gift we all received...Secondlife. A place where I got to grow...and to watch many of you grow as well.
A place where I've found friends on six continents.
The gift you all give me...
More than thank you I can't offer
And so it goes
I do love you all, brinda

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Lack of Fear

**A View of Our Home Looking Across the North Edge of Our world**
Relax there's time...
There us so much to learn and so little time to learn it in. I know this will sound trite to many of you....but it is true that youth is wasted on the young. {I told you trite was the operative word =^..^=}.
Life is short...and most of you will say that you know....(You really have to go a long way down the road before you understand just how short this life truely is).
Our Halloween party was a success...not because of anything I did...I just showed up! Poly rezzed the structure and modified it to look really abandoned {I saw what a job she had done when I went up to clear the site the next day}. Ling and Lala along with Poly did the decorations....I sat on a hay bale and mumbled.
The evening came...I got all ready to play radio stations for music.....................and Angel showed up..introduced me to her friend DJ....and.......he's a Real life DJ! He offered to do the show for us... I was thrilled. His act made our party fantastic...and allowed me to relax and enjoy myself.
Again I learned that my fears are so often the fear of an empty room. I've spoken before about being sober for many years now. One of the early things we learn in sobriety is that substance abuse isn't the real problem...It's our answer to the underlying problems. Almost without exception substance abusers are fear driven creatures...I certainly am. I ended up for years in situations where it wasn't OK to look or act like I was I learned to hide all that. Long after the scary places were gone...the learned behavior is what drove me and many others.
I'm not alone there...I've recruited Caro to help me mentor one of our residents. Caro works with the Second Ability group here in Secondlife, a group that mentors those that come to Secondlife with disabilites that likely would just roll me into a ball. I'm betting that with Caros help and residents desire to be able to better enjoy Secondlife...and the support of all of us at Benares, my friend will better be able to not only enjoy what we have here...but in the real life we all return to with Cntrl-Q.
Yes, Life is short and I need not waste more
And so it goes
Thank you for all your love, brinda