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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Be Careful

I have mentioned in this post, as well as commenting on other blogs, about various role play actions in Secondlife.
This post will focus on what may well be the most potentially dangerous of the RP scenes in Secondlife....Gorean.
I was given the notecard, shown above, not long ago...and the story that goes with that note is one of sadness. Sadness for a lot of us...because that note was given to a friend of mine by a very strong woman...a woman that I cared what happened to...a woman that got lost somewhere around the fourth paragraph.
That she saw the potential for problems, and shared that note with my friend, saved my friend...but her own descent into the very thing she cautioned against hurt more than a few of us. I'm still so sad for Gin...a sweet island girl that wasn't prepared for anything more than love and joy. I've wondered since how many others were lost then...and will be lost in the future. And why do I still see a pick on the profile of the person that gave that note to my friend that says that her time here was the happiest in her life?
My time in Secondlife is better now than it was a year ago...and it was better then than it was the day I first stood on Orientation Island.
Role play is fantasy...Secondlife is dear sweet friend Bubbles isn't a bunny rabbit.
It's fun...and harmless...My good friend Breye lives in the West RL, and role plays in 1860 Texas.
While she thoroughly enjoys her 1860 life...she isn't so immersed in it that she can't see reality.
I can't see slavery..even fantasy slavery...but that's me. Fantasy slavery isn't the danger here.
The two real dangers are in getting emotionally trapped..... trapped emotionally in Secondlife just means perhaps losing this fantastic chance to be a part of something so big. I have close friends on seven continents...where else but Secondlife.
The other trap is that the Gorean cult...{and boy will they argue that one!} real life as well.
Google *Gorean*.... or for an in world peek, look at the Alphaville Herald 02/2006 confessions of a Gorean slave.
While I laugh at the thought of anyone dragging me by my hair anywhere....Or being involved with any one wearing a *quickly detachable loincloth for easy access*...I'm not new. And today I can learn from the mistakes of others. That note is available from me in world if you can't read it... Please think long and hard if that world is one you choose... And so it goes I love you all, brinda Namaste

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