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Monday, November 9, 2009

Coming and Going

**Lands End, Baja California Mexico...Looking Towards Antarctica**

The picture was taken at the southern most point of the Baja California peninsula.... Straight ahead to Antarctica...{it will be a very long sail}... And yes, I've ridden in a small boat through that hole =^..^=. There's no particular hidden message here...if one goes to 'Lands End', the finiteness of the third planet from the star we call Sol becomes a little easier for some to see.

Good news...My friend Poly and I were standing in front of my place yesterday trying to educate me on how to export XML files to my hard drive. Good news a couple ways....*A*... I really do know what that means today, and can do it. *B*... A friend I hadn't seen in two years suddenly teleported in.

I've posted often and {recently} about memories in Secondlife, pictures, and old friends. Giolla is all of those for me. Memories...Gigi knew the first four of us when I had mainland. She gave me a copy of a picture prim that I gave her... she's and old friend. I was her first friend in Secondlife...once we sat up nearly all night at one of my rental sky boxes talking about life in general as well as Gigi's goal to eventually leave Istanbul and come to Los Angeles. We talked about the difficulty of being a modern, educated, young woman in today's Turkey and the pressures that traditional families bring on those women.

Gigi fell in love with a fellow Turk...Often it seems that so many men just can't bring themselves to figure out that the new women in their lifes are their equals...and sometimes a step ahead... that holds true in any life. When the traditional stuff collided with the modern woman...Gigi took a long sabbatical from Secondlife. I think she's young enough and bright enough to have taken away a wonderful albeit painful lesson. I'm glad she's back... and I'm proud that she took the time to find me again.

How many times do I see people drift don't hear from them for weeks or months...they've found other remove then from your friends list....And suddenly your "such a horrid person". {"How sad you removed me...What did I ever do to you?"} etc etc.

Told you Gigi was bright...calling cards stay 'till you delete them...she looked at the card and found me again.

Sadder news...We've lost two residents in a week now....

It's easier for me to understand one more than the other. Skyler was new...a couple months old. It so often takes a while to find our passion here...I've mentioned before how I ask any one I meet that's been in Secondlife longer than I why they have remained. Without exception I find they have found a passion that *speaks* to them. Creativity, service, community, {Or what the heck is Linden Labs gonna do next lol?}...these are the common passions. So far, I've never heard pixel sex, tasty vampire blood, wonderful slave handcuffs, hot pose balls, or any variation of that. If I do...I may check it out :=) ....because I want to stay.

Jade is a different story...She came early in 2009... with a great passion for building. She has a ton of talent...Like many I meet, she was doing things at a couple months old that I still can't achieve. She had always said she loved Benares and it's people and would live here some day. And she did...She got a beautiful private islet parcel..tryed out a couple of houses....started to furnish those houses...and then I guess met just the *right* people. First went the furniture....then she came to me and told me she had involved herself in a clan of some sort, and she felt the need to go live closely with that clan at their sim. Jade has promised me that she won't forget us...that she will come often and visit. I hope so...she's really such a great kid.

Some leave with no contact at all... Some will send me a note card...One I happened to see on the beach late one evening taking her prims. Jade is one of five that have come to me to tell me their plans face to face. That is a special thing with me...of that five, Angel and Kattie have returned...Rihanne and Gabby also came to me...though I doubt they would return. I do hope Jade comes to see us...and if she doesn't...Well, I think she did the stand up thing in considering this community as worthy of coming and telling us her plans. She will always have both a place in my heart...and a place in Benares history.

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda


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