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Friday, November 13, 2009

Caterpillars, Butterflys, and Souls

What We See So Depends On Where We Stand
What Is Beauty But Perception
Does Life Mean Less If It's Not Lived In The Sun?
I think that I may not get to know many of the answers to my questions...and for the first time in my life...that's OK.
Yesterday was a wonderful day...Twice in twenty four hours I was given the gift of meeting beautiful souls. I'm certain that the reason I didn't meet more was because of where I was mentally *standing*...not because those souls weren't there.
At this point on my journey to the butterfly's dream I understand that many won't relate to some of what I believe to be *truth*...not because of my veracity or lack of...but because we don't stand in identical places. And yet twice in one day I found some that could identify.
One of my early observations of life was when I intuitively *knew* at age maybe 10 that I was a much older soul than my Mother. That can be scary for a child if they have no one to discuss that idea with...and discussions like that in 1952 in central Illinois were likely rare =^..^=.
Not so oddly I found one of those souls here on Benares...I was so deep in thought and true communication that I allowed Secondlife night to fall. {Some know that I always have midday set}.... Watching the sunset and the stars come out was just *right*.
I have encouraged my fellow soul to perhaps publish some of the thoughts, poems, and life observations that are such a part of all sentient beings...yes, to stand in the sun.
My other encounter was with someone still on Help Island....We had spent those minutes I believe to be so important for new people...dressing and answering questions...and as I was about to leave, she said, "Darn it..I was looking for a Namaste gesture".
OMG! I said, you're one of us! :-). Buddhist. We spent the next while chatting at an entirely different level...Not as teacher and student...but fellow travelers on a path to stand in the light someday.
Perhaps today I will allow others to enter my life
My burdens are very light
And so it goes
My love to you, brinda

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