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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beautiful Thoughts

Original Art Work by Andor Diechter
Benares has so many talented people...I so often sit in amazement at what I'm privileged to be a part of.
A special thank you to Andor for sharing this original art work.
For those that may not recognize all...
Clockwise from center left: Poly, Ling, Myself, Twinkle, & Andor
Not pictured in this post... Lala, DaAngel, Krasin, Kattie...these have been here a long well as fifteen or so others that have since joined us.
The first picture taken at Benares is of Lala setting our silver palm on January 24th 2008.
This past year has seen so many come...and sadly a few leave...
as long as they're happy.
The talent goes well as the sense of community.
Thank you is never overused.
And so it goes
Love to all, brinda

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