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Friday, November 6, 2009

Growth...Mine or Yours?

***Twinkle was here last evening!*** Most of you that read this have never met Twinkle....for a variety of reasons. *A* She doesn't come in world often anymore....her real life career is off and running well. *B* She doesn't crave the attention... *C* When she is here she pretty well has to remain over 500 meters...the bandwidth available to her just won't support a lot of objects {or sound}... The bottom line is while I named this estate...Benares wouldn't exist without Twins help and dedication...When I wanted to do this place the technical challenges were more than I could handle. I have posted before about how important it's been for me to retain the friends that I came to Secondlife with. First was Lala...then Twin...(our rezz dates are 'bout 6 weeks different 'cause it took me nearly a month after I joined to get broadband). I have learned the very basics of computers from her...that's a difficult path to navigate when the teacher is of a different culture...19000 km away...and an engineer. =^..^= I've been thinking...{perhaps the three most dangerous words in my vocabulary!}... Growth here in Secondlife....what does it mean...and to who? In my chat last evening with my dear friend I saw myself proudly telling her my last couple of technical achievements. {I sounded like a child :-)...never mind the nearly 40 years age difference}. Simple things really...a textured landmark giver. A tiny sound clip I did with *Audacity*. Simple for some of you...not so for others. We both smiled at the vision of the two of us hanging in mid air a couple of years ago next to a 60 meter mega prim sign while she tried to tell me how to map the texture...{I wanted to strangle her :-) }. A little earlier in the week another friend and I discussed the paths that quite a few in Secondlife choose to follow....role play. Now I try to tell every nooblet I meet to always remember the first rule in Secondlife...HAVE FUN! (Thank you Ms Ling!) Sometimes forget that my idea of fun might not be yours. You see, for me, the *fun* here is learning how things work. While I started late in life both here in virtual worlds and in computers...I do have an almost insatiable desire to find out "why". I don't build well...Bubbles rabbit hutch is about the top of my skill level there...textures I'm ok social skills I'm working on. Role play is social skills...I just can't get into it. And the inability of some RPers to drop the role bugs me no end. For Breye loves the 1860s west...she keeps a rather modest place here at Benares...but spends most of her time doing what she truly loves. I was invited to her place at the Texas sim one eve . Now being into tech details I saw the fire in her fireplace wasn't as real looking as it could be....and 'cause my friend Poly had given me some sculpted *fire*, I asked Breye if I could redo the fire and lower the prim count a lot. "Sure", was her response. The guy standing there started mumbling about "witchcraft" as he watched my typing AO. He sounded like he was gonna have a stroke as I rezzed fire logs and redid the fireplace. What's that line about a time and place for everything? Another...And this one just blew me away. Picture a wedding in Secondlife...The officiating *preacher* is "Big Pauly" ...he's wearing a gun!...the entire entourage is supposed to be, "The Sopranos" or "Goodfellas". I peeked at a couple of profile pictures...most of the people better not even drive down the highway near some of California's prisons. A Secondlife wedding? OK, that's role play yes.... but that one I do *get*. I have been emotionally involved in Secondlife...and at a deeper level than I am with those friends that are closest to me today. All of Secondlife is role play...even Benares, and we often lose residents to role play...usually it ends up for the good of all. I've posted before about my dislike for the vampire scene as well as Gorean and BDSM...and while I wouldn't refuse land to those involved in that...those lifestyles would be difficult to square with the community philosophy here. Again I come to those words that seem to allow me to just let others go their way... "Your World...Your Imagination".....your world...not mine...your path to growth..not mine. I need to work more on my tolerance. And so it goes My love to you all, brinda Namaste

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