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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Golden Things I've Found

Effulgent Brown......
A wonderland......
Effys Shop......
Yes...Shameless promotion.... The story...{there's always a story=^..^=}.
I came to Secondlife a true newbie...I've spoken before of the three weeks it took for me to learn that my beanie and my hair were one. After I solved that puzzle and found some clothes, skin, all the things it takes to not look quite so new, I went looking for land. I stumbled onto Arrazura ... {long gone now}... and following the estate owners recommendation, I commissioned Minke Bailey to create a custom home. I had no idea that there were really nice well done homes for sale that were actually under 250 prim!
A bit later I found Effies wasn't just a shop. I don't remember exactly how big it my guess is that the place covered a quarter region.
Effy...{Effulgent Brown}...had a wonderful setting where all of her houses were rezzed in a feudal Japan setting. One could wander along paths, over bridges, and explore her houses. Where today she has six styles, I think then there might have been a couple more. There were pavilions, pagoda towers, tea houses, a shop area with accessories...I was in heaven.
Over the next year plus I purchased quite a few of Effys fact you can see I still use the Autumn Moon house as my own. I used her places as rentals at my mainland region.
One day I teleported to the was gone. There was a small different shop there...but my dreamland was gone. I looked at at her profile...she had announced that she had left Secondlife.
I always felt such a connection with Effy...even though I had never met her.
A few weeks later I sent her an IM...just on the chance that some one that had come to Secondlife as early as Effy couldn't just stop. She came when six thousand on line was a big day...when Secondlife was a lot like high school.
She answered my IM a bit later and actually came to my home one evening. We chatted for well into a hour...I've always been fascinated by our early members and their stories. One of the things that Effy said made me have hope that she couldn't stay gone...She said that as she abandoned her land and closed Secondlife...the thought occurred to her..."What have I just done!"
Last evening a friend sent me a great note..asking me to resend it. I'm not sure why....but I sent that note to only chat with her had been in March...but I saw the note accepted!
As I had hoped...Effy's back! She has a small shop @ House of Effulgent. Hogadon (85,214,105)
I would encourage all of you take a bit to go look around...her houses are low prim and well done. She has screens for sale, Asian furnishings, and all the textures used in her creations are available in case you choose to modify...and being in the snow's quiet and peaceful.
Likely you won't get the chance to meet a person I so her own admission Effulgent is rather shy...though her name means radiant light...or shining light. It's a quiet peaceful presence she gives off, Effy feels good to be around.
So often my real life acquaintances ask me what I find in this platform....
I find the Effys......
I find you......
And every now and then.............I find me.
And so it goes
My love to you all, brinda

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