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Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Time and Place for Everything

** Other Times and Other Places...A Couple will Remember This**
There was a day before Secondlife...{Hard to see when I'm hip deep in this delightful world.} And there will come a day when there is no Secondlife. Obviously I don't have an inside view but... In 1900, buggy whip businesses were everywhere, today they're gone.
If you're new...take pictures...if you're not new..take lots of pictures.
I wish I had taken more and saved them. It's funny that in real life I've cared very little about photographing life as it's passed me by and yet here I have such nostalgia for events of just a couple years ago.
I had an IM from a person yesterday asking me about land....I promptly sent a note card detailing exactly when I would be in world as well as the names of managers that might beat me here. Later that early evening the person came and asked to see land.... I, of course, asked how large a parcel was sought. My questioner said she was interested in enough land to support 1875 prims (8192M2) as well as water access for her yacht. {Now unless you're a nooblet I think you can see where this is going}. "OK" I said...I led her to the north east section of mainside where there is a contiguous section that is 8192...and water in front. Then came "How much?"...17K L$.
"Well, that's 4K L$ more than I'm paying now, and my yacht wont cross the sim line without returning to inventory". Keep in mind this person wasn't new...and neither am I.
*A* if she's got a deal like that?...What the heck is she doing here? Mainland waterfront land facing a Linden sea doesn't rent for 13K L$.
*B* There's no way she's got a deal like that on an estate. (does she imagine her 150/200 prim yacht loads servers free?..unless it's docked on her land.)
I guess she will learn...I wished her well...gave her the name of the largest rental business in Secondlife and was genuinely happy she didn't want to stay.
When I say I was happy she didn't stay....well...suppose she had. I have a responsibilty to all of you to provide as great an experience here at your home as I can, that's why I have people here that watch for script lag and griefers. All you want is to log in and find a runaway yacht sideways halfway into your place..{just far enough out that you can't parcel return}.
I had an off world E-mail from a resident today...
OK first, let me say that I have people come here and stay... {Krasin has a small place on the East shore...she's had that place continuously longer than anyone excepting staff...including me..I've relocated my house once}.
I have some that come and stay for awhile..leave..and return.
I have some that come..stay a bit.. leave and I never hear from them again.
From the days of my mainland rentals {the picture at the top was the view from the rental houses}..I've wanted a community. I have always tried to wish those leaving the best that Secondlife could offer as well as returning unused tier.
My E-mail today talked about how there are those that retaliate with meanness and open hostility if someone won't follow the direction the *powers that be* determine to be *correct*. You leave them because the direction they are heading isn't the way you choose to live? You are ostracized
I think that's sad.
Last evening had both a very funny well as one of the times I live for. Funny.. I saw this guy that was maybe literally five minutes old...he was "IN LOVE" [with anything that moved] =^..^=. He was trying to tell this new girl all he was going to do for her. Amazing. The times I live for... Angi came to Benares...this young woman soaks up info like a thirsty sponge. My gosh...she was doing things in 15 minutes I didn't do for a couple years. Rereading this post...there's a lot I want to say. Yet at my age I am slowly learning just how hurtful words can be and that there is time to wait. Rather to bite my tongue than to needlessly hurt another... more will be revealed. And so it goes My love to you all, brinda Namaste


  1. I remember.
    If I am correct that is the tree house just outside my first SL home on Lythria.
    I don’t recall the womans name that owned the tree house, only that she left SL suddenly. I signed on one morning and her home was gone.
    Seem like a long time ago.
    Thanks for this blog Brinda.

    Love always,

  2. Exactly right Ling....gosh I can't remember her name either. She let me give her a security orb set to protect her house...That way we wouldn't have her ban lines in the middle of our land.

    I still go and look at that region and remember it was a step on the way to where we are today