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Monday, November 23, 2009

Secondlife History-Stellar Sunshine

I just finished reading "The Making Of Secondlife" by Wagner James Au...nee Hamlet Linden.
{Well he was a Linden for a few months in early 2003.}
Au was commissioned to document the early days of Secondlife..first as an insider, a Linden, and then as *one of us*. As some of you total immersion in Secondlife leads me toward learning the history of this platform.
Au's book has some wonderful insights...among these is the story of Stellar Sunshine.
Stellar was the very first resident...rezzed as you see almost a full year before Secondlife was open to the public...the original Beta user. That first evening, when the Lindens logged off, they left Stellar on alone. The next morning the staff logged on to see a cabin with smoke rising from the chimney and a giant beanstalk next to it. The Southern California mother of four small children had created the first resident build in Secondlife.
While the cabin is long gone...and the land has changed...the beanstalk is still there.
Stellars original *game* was/is to climb the beanstalk by jumping from leaf to leaf.
I couldnt find Stellar in people search...I did search *bean stalk* {two words} and found both the landmark as well as her old profile. I have an idea that Stellar may well no longer be in world...but ever hoping..I did leave an IM=^..^=
If you're a fan of Secondlife history..go take a look.
I'm amazed at what she did with zero experience.
In the coming day or so I intend to read, "I Avatar"...a look at the culture and consequences of having a second life.
I know, I know, I have way too much spare time :-)
And so it goes
My love to all, brinda


  1. Returning months later... there is a cabin there now built by Stellar and currently owned by Dawson Murphy...looks as though it might be a little sophisticated for March 2002.

  2. The cabin was transferred to me from Stell in Feb 2003. I haven't changed much except the Big Screen TV. Hope this helps!