"Listen with an open mind, but don't try to remember this stuff. There's no quiz at the end." Jack Kornfield

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Andrea has joined us...a long time user of Secondlife. (Out West}
Bernard has returned! (Out East) Just me playing...I'm kinda proud of this balloon! =^..^=
First...the old resident returning...
Bernard was here in our first year {2008}. He's a photographic artist both real life as well as Secondlife and in early 2009 his business just didn't allow him the time to spend here.
I know we must be doing something right or we wouldn't have people returning... there are 23,000 private islands in Secondlife and I'm so blessed to have Bernard return.
Second, we have Andrea joining us out West... It's great to have some one with a rezz date earlier than mine here.
It also makes me think we're on to something... people that have been in Secondlife over 1000 days know what they're looking for in a place.
A week or so ago I clicked "sit"as the balloon came down by my front door...
It's a really nice ride...nothing adrenalin creating... just a nice slow ride up to about 375 meters.
I'm really rather proud of that balloon... I got the original from Stellar Sunshine's old parcel.
For those that haven't been long time readers or have forgotten, Stellar was the very first account in beta Secondlife 2002.
It was mod and I can re engineer stuff, the trick part was the script and thankfully it was copy and I did manage to re set it's parameters as to speed and height.
Here's what I think is an interesting ethics question.... maybe take a look at this link to Proks blog for the question as well as what I had to say.
I would be interested in what you think.
The beta version of the coming Linden viewer is out, 2.0...
At least one of you have told me you love it...
I don't...but:
One, it's still beta so there will be some improvements.
Two... the Lab has a lot of money invested in it...they will launch it.
Three..I'll have to learn at least the basics in order to attempt to help nooblets.
It isn't going to be the viewer I personally use in my day to day Secondlife.
I'm seeing a portion of the incoming residents are now going to *welcome* locations...
The old Help Islands you all went through are the current time instead of seeing 10 to 15 people on an island, and using less than 10 islands.
They are using almost all 40 and just 5 an island.
No idea what's going on there.
It's Sunday...usually a quiet day.
Poly was on earlier, she's found some great prim grass and is putting it on most of the main island mesa.
OK...that's all the news for now, we are doing well thanks to the effort you put in.
And so it goes
I love you all, brinda

Thursday, February 25, 2010

This tablet is at the Deer park, Sarnath India. It marks the spot where Siddhartha Guatama first preached the dharma.
I wish I could say I am able to act in the total spirit of this teaching from 2600 years ago, I do try.
 I have the below line posted in one of my profile picks...
 "There is a special bond that we get with those that we meet early on in Secondlife."
I can add that that applies to all lives. Childhood friends... School friends... Military friends... Just about any place that requires us to learn something new together, or experience something new together.
Because of how we connect here in Secondlife, the bond is especially strong.
The two people that came to Secondlife within days of me have a special place in my heart and always will.

I have been incredibly lucky my entire life...some of you know a few of the things I've not only survived...I've thrived.
Both of my early friends here are still in my life and have proven themselves to be truly wonderful people.
It's not always that way...I have stayed long enough to see people get involved in various roles in Secondlife that made it painful for their first friends to continue this wonderful journey we're on.
A connection made in Secondlife can be incredibly hard to sever...even when one of the friends has proven themselves to be a person that violates our personal standards.
Sometimes if I see a friend of mine fighting such a battle I want so to make it "better".... I can't.
It's not my job or my right to tell another how to feel...or what to do.
Perhaps the best thing I can do is to offer as well as follow some advice I received many years ago...
"Let me endeavor to live my life so as to not be ashamed no matter what is said about me... even if it's not true".
There are an estimated 800,000 active Secondlife residents... It behooves me to find the ones that are trying to make a positive input in this life...
Somehow I believe that by doing that, and practising that, I will make a positive input in the life that I live everywhere.
And so it goes
My care and love to you all, brinda

Monday, February 22, 2010

Things that make me think...

{Mostly Everything}... *** I've always had a parcel to myself...I have shared a house a few years ago with my Secondlife daughter...but since I'm a lot older, and she had much different interests, we never bothered the other. I've also always had close friends that were in my Secondlife...friends that stopped by pretty much everyday, and after I got Benares my life has always been full of other people. That's the great gift of Secondlife for me... in my first life I'm not nearly as social as I can be here. I love seeing the people here on Benares establish friendships that can be as close as any one sees in our first lives... Many of us have that drive for creativity, a desire to landscape the way we want, to build or buy the kind of house we want, just to do as we please with our little piece of this virtual world without consulting another. Others are content with the social aspect, they are more interested in just being close with another and pretty well content with any choices made. Either of these options {or a myriad more} are what makes this world of ours as happy a place as we choose to make it...or not....{that's also a choice}. *** Many years ago I had an aunt that explained to me what a "people watcher" was and told me I was one. My parents weren't...and you can't can't transmit what you don't know. I know now that I've always been a people watcher and what better venue to people watch than Secondlife. Over the months I've seen people get land...experiment with it...give it buy, experiment...give it up. The opportunity to do that is one of the reasons I don't *sell* land. I sell for zero, I don't have to prim watch, and when one decides to make a change in their Secondlife I don't want a question of money to be a limiting factor. Good business?... a money maker? No.... but I sleep good at night... no *pillow tax*. I'm getting to a point here =^..^= *** I had one of my oldest residents recommend Benares to someone she knew. This person wasn't new, she had been in secondlife for about six months if I remember her rezz date. She came to our East homestead and fell in love with the only parcel out there available. She was thrilled...until her *friend* came. Now this *friend* was five days old...with scripted temp "footprints"...nice AO...good skin..nice outfit. Come on...I'm a people watcher. I've been here nearly three years. I spend a lot of time with "real" new people, this was an alt. That parts fine, {btw often I wonder if people understand what impression their profile statements make about them}. The friend takes over the chat...explaining to me that, in effect, the $.65 cents a day for that parcel is too high...and that she can buy 900 prims for 5000L$. *** I'm sure that those of you that know me can figure out the end of this potential sale =^..^= *** I had someone donate a substantial amount of real life dollars...{mid range 5 figures L$} a few days ago to help cover our expenses here. I'll not say who...but you know who you are! We've walked this pixel road for a bit now...Thank you is all I can say. *** For what was going to be a short post, I've over done myself. I've still not met Lynne, our newest resident on the West sim...I really want to do that, I believe that keeping our sense of community is paramount here. I am just about caught up in real life stuff...{almost need a vacation to recover from vacation}. I will want to chat with all of you about my *Mommy* Mothers 87 and there's a lot that goes on at 87... More about Mom at a later date. *** Again, the support I get from all of you in all the things I do in all my lives amazes me... Sometimes I get the chance to understand just how I touch your lives...and realize the responsibility to touch all of you with love, understanding, and compassion. And so it goes My love to all of you, brinda Namaste

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nalanda India...we still come.

And still we's been 2600 years...the message hasn't changed...
And still we come...
No matter one's belief...or lack of...the power in these places must be witnessed.
Namaste, I honor that place where the universe resides in you...
and when you are in that place and I am in that place...we are one.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

What Size is my World?

Image courtesy of Nasa/Hubble
Jalasayin Ghat, Varanasi India
Taken at the Nirvana Stupa, Kushinagar India How large is our world?
Could every drop of dew on this web be an entire world?
How would I know except to try and expand my mind to all possibilities.
Could I go from the Jalasayin fire to either or both of these worlds?
Why not?
My time in India has only increased my drive to know...
Likely for most, these questions just get lost in the day to day struggle we all have to keep ourselves and our families warm, fed, educated, and safe.
I have been so fortunate in all my lives, my first mind out of body experience came at a place called "Mystic Arts" in Laguna Beach California in 1969.
I've chased that experience for a long time and now I know I'm getting closer.
I have said in these last few days that my journey in the footsteps of Buddha changed my view of my life.
So often we never get to experience what this place is all about...this earth...{even Secondlife }, can be misinterpreted}.
Some years ago a couple of my friends asked me to accompany them to La Paz Mexico...
Before we left I suggested that everyone leave all their jewelry behind...explaining we were rich.
You see whether it's Mexico, Illinois, or India... wherever... One meets people that have never traveled more than a few kilometers from where they were born and will die. And yet we had the financial where withal to travel.
I guess I offer that to stand in the presence of 2600 years of realise that 2600 years ago another had the same ideas I have today was for me a life changing experience.
*** I have been blessed to have been allowed to share some of your dreams, and those dreams touch my heart. Some see the same things in the stars that I see...others went with me to India in soul because they will never achieve that in this life.
In the coming days I will have a gift for those of you whose dreams I have shared...
You will see that you were with me sitting on the waters of the Ganges river in India.
Until then.......
And so it goes
I do love you all, brinda

Friday, February 19, 2010

Vacations over...News now from our side!

Average morning traffic...
These aren't dirty windows...that's my kind of air...the kind ya can actually taste!
As I'm sure some of you may have noticed it's taking me a few days to recover from *vacation*.
It's just another indication that I'm not capable of doing the things I once could for as long as I once could do them.
I'm sure now it's Friday morning nine-ish...hmmm...{or is it still ten thirty Friday evening?} =^..^=
*** and everywhere....
Three weeks ago I first saw the above street at 1AM and thought OMG!...what is my hotel going to look like?
A week ago, after traveling across 3000km of Northeastern India, I can tell you that that's one of the nicer streets in town...any town in India.
{And the hotel room was gorgeous! First class!}
Slowly I'll post the rest of my pictures on Flikr {}...
I see a new resident, Lynne, has moved to the West sim....I haven't met her yet, soon I hope.
And I see Jaris returned!...It's things like that that make me have faith that Benares has something to offer. Jaris a really nice guy...if we had nothing to offer here he would have gone elsewhere.
I say over and can buy pixel sand anywhere.
On a sadder note I want to thank Boyd for the eight months he spent here. Boyd is a real stand up guy. He's one of those people that I so admire because he's trying to make the Secondlife mainland a better place, and his commitments there just don't leave him the time to spend with us here....gone Boyd, but not forgotten!
Ling left me an IM... looks as though shes taken in a couple of new people...more that I hope to meet. It's rather amazing that in three weeks off so many little details both here and real life seem to get unraveled.
I really want to get back into going to the HIs and helping as best I can. Now that the old Secondlife Mentors are disbanded all that's left are independent mentors out there.
I do believe that there's really more help out there now than there was before...
Some of the old SL Mentors welcomed us volunteers...sadly we had others that saw us as interlopers.
Can't keep everyone happy I'm sure.
Spent the early part of reading blogs, forums, and comments...trying to get back into the swing of what's new in Secondlife.
Being here for nearly three years gives me a better perspective on who's involved in Secondlife to improve this platform for all...and the ones that are just in it for their own agenda
Before I forget... Breye is getting married today real life! Breye...Congratulations...nothing like a good old Texas wedding =^..^=
OK....back this evening..........
OH! I do want to thank all of the residents of Benares. I see and hear from people sometimes that let me know you guys talk about what we have here.
And a special Thank You to both Ling and Poly for seeing that service was seen to while I wasn't here.
And so it goes
My love always, brinda

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Friends along the way

Maybe where we find a friend isn't as important as the journey.....
Thank you all for being a part of my world.
Both those I know as well as one that might visit this page.
One of my closest friends said once that she believed all the prophets were enlightened I certainly believe that to be true.
One of those early prophets said something you do it to the least, you do it to me.
If I do harm to another I also do it to myself.
Again, thank you all for helping me on this journey we call life....
And so it goes
My love to you all, brinda

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Stuff About Stuff! =^..^=

What a couple of weeks it's been...this is my first experience with real jet lag/time distortion. We think we get lagged by traveling across three or four time zones...try almost exactly halfway around the world! My phone {that's really "roaming" } says it's about 9:30 Sunday morning...And I'm OK with that. I'm body clock says it's morning...but my head gets so fuzzy about my relationship to "real time" {read SLT}...I'm one of the fortunate few, as I see it, that's usually on the West Coast USA... so when I look at the Secondlife clock its what time it is for me. One of the hazards in this part of the world...India, Bangladesh, Pakistan... Google "Eve Teasing"... This was one of the times in my life that some of the things that weren't so warm and wonderful in the past were a good thing to have here. Being 5ft8 in eighth grade makes you a, while I'm not the 7 ft3 I am in Secondlife, 5ft10 (well almost) is taller than most guys.... Being "street smart".... I'm not easily intimidated... While I don't carry weapons even in the US {or Secondlife lol}... A few know I've the ability to shame a sailor when I start yelling. Sadly the culture here doesn't prepare women to really take care of themselves. My "visit" to Nepal... I'm waiting this AM to see if I can raise a little hell about all that... The Indian border officer has a visa exit stamp raised over my passport as he asked me when I planned to return to India....."Tomorrow", was my reply. He stopped...opened a drawer and produced a piece of paper. 'Multiple Entry Six Month Tourist Visas'..{the common visa}...'If you leave India you make not return for 2 months'.... OMG! Can you imagine the situation had I entered Nepal!? Ground transport to Katmandu at minimum....plane ticket to Indira Gandi Interrnational..If I could get there and do that in three or four days....Buy a new ticket home? Remember things here work on "Indian Time"'s not exactly "Manana" ,but close. In case you haven't been exposed to "manana"'s common perception, certainly among Anglos is 'tomorrow'....or 'morning'. When a Mexican tells you Manana he really is saying .."maybe never"...this isn't's a statement of culture... he means "not right now". Anyway I'll be leaving this fabulous country in about 14 hours { I think)...I'm so ready. While this experience has been life changing..I could never live here. I also miss all of you. I will have many pictures to share....I think I'll do a THiNC book...I'll let you all know. So...From Delhi India And so it goes I do love you all, brinda Namaste

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Incredible India

Patna India...The worst air I've ever seen. Kushinugar tomorrow and Nepal day after...I think my picture count now exceeds 150 along with a couple of short movie clips. Yesterday was the day that has changed my life...I sat at the foot of the Bodhi tree where Siddartha Guatama sat 2600 years ago. I have watched the dead carried by their families through the streets of Varanasi, washed in the waters of the Ganges, and placed on the fires at the burning Ghats. I have seen a 6 year old carrying a 20 kilo load on her head without a whimper...doing a woman's work at 6. My life has been forever changed. I am happy. I will blog about much of what I've experienced in coming weeks/months... I can always hope that some of you will take the chance to someday come here to India...Incredible India. And so it goes I love and miss you all, brinda Namaste

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Varanasi India

Just a few lines. I think it's Sunday...I'm in Varanasi finally! Everything you think you know about poverty is likely not all the truth you perceive......unless you've been to this city on the Ganges. Reportedly the oldest continuously occupied city in the world...going back to 1200 BCE. More later... the "sleep" on the train wasn't *sleep* lol. as always And so it goes My love to all, brinda Namaste

Friday, February 5, 2010


A couple of lines to check in with all of you. Just about over jetlag...3.5 hours to Chicago was ok... 15 hours to Delhi was a little rougher...slept 12 hours last eve and I think I've caught up now. {Is this Saturday =^..^=} I so miss our Secondlife world...And yet this corner of the real world is fantastic...HaHa the streets here make the Ahern/Waterhead WAs look like a desert. Leaving Delhi today and taking train from Agra to Varanasi overnight. Sunday I will say a prayer at the banks of the Ganges...Sure a long way from the streets of Long Beach! And so it goes I love and miss you all, Brinda Namaste

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Poly came with me to sit on Andors moon..... It's so rare that I let Secondlife environment go default. I was all packed...dressed...and having a hard time logging off for two weeks. We sat for a precious few minutes and looked across the East sim towards an apparently sleeping mainside. You know, two years ago I never dreamed how all this would turn out.... Our place is wonderful... and so are the residents. I wouldn't want it any other way. I will see you all in a couple weeks And so it goes You will always remain in my heart, brinda Namaste
I leave tonight for India...almost exactly halfway around the world... It is a spiritual pilgrimage for me... While there I hope to touch a place in my soul... I feel that if I can touch that place, I will be a better person, a better friend. Believe me, I carry all of you with me. I love you all, brinda Namaste