"Listen with an open mind, but don't try to remember this stuff. There's no quiz at the end." Jack Kornfield

Monday, February 22, 2010

Things that make me think...

{Mostly Everything}... *** I've always had a parcel to myself...I have shared a house a few years ago with my Secondlife daughter...but since I'm a lot older, and she had much different interests, we never bothered the other. I've also always had close friends that were in my Secondlife...friends that stopped by pretty much everyday, and after I got Benares my life has always been full of other people. That's the great gift of Secondlife for me... in my first life I'm not nearly as social as I can be here. I love seeing the people here on Benares establish friendships that can be as close as any one sees in our first lives... Many of us have that drive for creativity, a desire to landscape the way we want, to build or buy the kind of house we want, just to do as we please with our little piece of this virtual world without consulting another. Others are content with the social aspect, they are more interested in just being close with another and pretty well content with any choices made. Either of these options {or a myriad more} are what makes this world of ours as happy a place as we choose to make it...or not....{that's also a choice}. *** Many years ago I had an aunt that explained to me what a "people watcher" was and told me I was one. My parents weren't...and you can't can't transmit what you don't know. I know now that I've always been a people watcher and what better venue to people watch than Secondlife. Over the months I've seen people get land...experiment with it...give it buy, experiment...give it up. The opportunity to do that is one of the reasons I don't *sell* land. I sell for zero, I don't have to prim watch, and when one decides to make a change in their Secondlife I don't want a question of money to be a limiting factor. Good business?... a money maker? No.... but I sleep good at night... no *pillow tax*. I'm getting to a point here =^..^= *** I had one of my oldest residents recommend Benares to someone she knew. This person wasn't new, she had been in secondlife for about six months if I remember her rezz date. She came to our East homestead and fell in love with the only parcel out there available. She was thrilled...until her *friend* came. Now this *friend* was five days old...with scripted temp "footprints"...nice AO...good skin..nice outfit. Come on...I'm a people watcher. I've been here nearly three years. I spend a lot of time with "real" new people, this was an alt. That parts fine, {btw often I wonder if people understand what impression their profile statements make about them}. The friend takes over the chat...explaining to me that, in effect, the $.65 cents a day for that parcel is too high...and that she can buy 900 prims for 5000L$. *** I'm sure that those of you that know me can figure out the end of this potential sale =^..^= *** I had someone donate a substantial amount of real life dollars...{mid range 5 figures L$} a few days ago to help cover our expenses here. I'll not say who...but you know who you are! We've walked this pixel road for a bit now...Thank you is all I can say. *** For what was going to be a short post, I've over done myself. I've still not met Lynne, our newest resident on the West sim...I really want to do that, I believe that keeping our sense of community is paramount here. I am just about caught up in real life stuff...{almost need a vacation to recover from vacation}. I will want to chat with all of you about my *Mommy* Mothers 87 and there's a lot that goes on at 87... More about Mom at a later date. *** Again, the support I get from all of you in all the things I do in all my lives amazes me... Sometimes I get the chance to understand just how I touch your lives...and realize the responsibility to touch all of you with love, understanding, and compassion. And so it goes My love to all of you, brinda Namaste

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