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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Andrea has joined us...a long time user of Secondlife. (Out West}
Bernard has returned! (Out East) Just me playing...I'm kinda proud of this balloon! =^..^=
First...the old resident returning...
Bernard was here in our first year {2008}. He's a photographic artist both real life as well as Secondlife and in early 2009 his business just didn't allow him the time to spend here.
I know we must be doing something right or we wouldn't have people returning... there are 23,000 private islands in Secondlife and I'm so blessed to have Bernard return.
Second, we have Andrea joining us out West... It's great to have some one with a rezz date earlier than mine here.
It also makes me think we're on to something... people that have been in Secondlife over 1000 days know what they're looking for in a place.
A week or so ago I clicked "sit"as the balloon came down by my front door...
It's a really nice ride...nothing adrenalin creating... just a nice slow ride up to about 375 meters.
I'm really rather proud of that balloon... I got the original from Stellar Sunshine's old parcel.
For those that haven't been long time readers or have forgotten, Stellar was the very first account in beta Secondlife 2002.
It was mod and I can re engineer stuff, the trick part was the script and thankfully it was copy and I did manage to re set it's parameters as to speed and height.
Here's what I think is an interesting ethics question.... maybe take a look at this link to Proks blog for the question as well as what I had to say.
I would be interested in what you think.
The beta version of the coming Linden viewer is out, 2.0...
At least one of you have told me you love it...
I don't...but:
One, it's still beta so there will be some improvements.
Two... the Lab has a lot of money invested in it...they will launch it.
Three..I'll have to learn at least the basics in order to attempt to help nooblets.
It isn't going to be the viewer I personally use in my day to day Secondlife.
I'm seeing a portion of the incoming residents are now going to *welcome* locations...
The old Help Islands you all went through are the current time instead of seeing 10 to 15 people on an island, and using less than 10 islands.
They are using almost all 40 and just 5 an island.
No idea what's going on there.
It's Sunday...usually a quiet day.
Poly was on earlier, she's found some great prim grass and is putting it on most of the main island mesa.
OK...that's all the news for now, we are doing well thanks to the effort you put in.
And so it goes
I love you all, brinda

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