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Thursday, February 25, 2010

This tablet is at the Deer park, Sarnath India. It marks the spot where Siddhartha Guatama first preached the dharma.
I wish I could say I am able to act in the total spirit of this teaching from 2600 years ago, I do try.
 I have the below line posted in one of my profile picks...
 "There is a special bond that we get with those that we meet early on in Secondlife."
I can add that that applies to all lives. Childhood friends... School friends... Military friends... Just about any place that requires us to learn something new together, or experience something new together.
Because of how we connect here in Secondlife, the bond is especially strong.
The two people that came to Secondlife within days of me have a special place in my heart and always will.

I have been incredibly lucky my entire life...some of you know a few of the things I've not only survived...I've thrived.
Both of my early friends here are still in my life and have proven themselves to be truly wonderful people.
It's not always that way...I have stayed long enough to see people get involved in various roles in Secondlife that made it painful for their first friends to continue this wonderful journey we're on.
A connection made in Secondlife can be incredibly hard to sever...even when one of the friends has proven themselves to be a person that violates our personal standards.
Sometimes if I see a friend of mine fighting such a battle I want so to make it "better".... I can't.
It's not my job or my right to tell another how to feel...or what to do.
Perhaps the best thing I can do is to offer as well as follow some advice I received many years ago...
"Let me endeavor to live my life so as to not be ashamed no matter what is said about me... even if it's not true".
There are an estimated 800,000 active Secondlife residents... It behooves me to find the ones that are trying to make a positive input in this life...
Somehow I believe that by doing that, and practising that, I will make a positive input in the life that I live everywhere.
And so it goes
My care and love to you all, brinda

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