"Listen with an open mind, but don't try to remember this stuff. There's no quiz at the end." Jack Kornfield

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Community... Leadership... & Reminiscing

**********************Picture courtesy of Andor Diechter****************** I woke up in the small hours of this morning thinking about Secondlife, our community at Benares, and where each of those may be headed. As far as Secondlife goes, take a peek at comment number 35 or so in Zha Ewrys post of last week. That comment from Phillip Rosedale nee Linden gives me hope.... hope that at least we can see that the *boss* is listening.
When new people first enter Secondlife there are about three, "first questions" normally asked, "How do you play this *game*?" "What is there to do?" "Where is everybody?"
Reading something yesterday...
Even though Facebook and Farmville aren't a virtual worlds per se, there is the almost instant perception that you are surrounded.
Surrounded by comments, pictures, information, and it's bone simple to access.... point and click and you are *part of*, as opposed to Secondlife.
Secondlife has, by some accounts, a 20 hour learning curve... no instant reward, it's not easy, and for some of us that is a killer, we want easy.
The Secondlife platform is truly that, a second life... a place where we have to make a life for ourselves.
A part of life is joining a community.... first your family, then groups at school...we grow up and join a group where we work, religious groups, political groups... humans are pack animals.
It seems that a perceived success in Secondlife... success as defined by being happy and perhaps comfortable... means we have found a place or group that meets the need humans have for others.
My friend Ling and I 'ported to where my first home was in Secondlife a day or so ago.
We just stood there for perhaps thirty minutes chatting, standing on a nearly empty island and an empty parcel where my home had been until January of 2008
Funny, all islands are 256 meters squared and to stand on the Northeast corner of any island... the view is the same if there's no content, but I think Ling and I felt the same thing... this was where we started this journey three years ago and although the region had been renamed... for us it will always be Arrazura.
Four of us that came to Secondlife pretty much together three years ago are still here... we are a family. We tried to make a community on the mainland and I failed... so I left Arrazura and bought the region we now call Benares. Somehow I guess I knew I wanted a community here and the family I was busy being too self absorbed to have until I came to Secondlife.
I've not always been a good observer of life. So often I was unable to take a step back and really "see". Some of us can remember that song line about"Just because you can see the stars doesn't mean you can see the light"?
I did watch the owner of Arrazura and I've attempted to do some of what he did... and also to not do some of what he did.
Our community has grown... we have a stability that has come with time... it's in many ways like learning Secondlife its self, there's darn sure been a learning curve.
Reading what Phillip Rosedale had to say brings me renewed hope... hope for Secondlife and hope for our continuation as a family at Benares.
I am both blessed by having those who have chosen to have a home and a community at our region as well as empowered to provide some measure of leadership. It's important for me to remember that one can only lead if there are those that decide you're heading in a good direction.
And so it goes
My love to you all, brinda

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Beauty...Thieves...At What cost?

This is a sad story and it rather dovetails into part of what I spoke of yesterday, re: content theft and copybotting, and how capricious the enforcement can be. Maxwell Graf is one of the preeminent content creators in Secondlife and just one of the long string of people that have had content stolen, for details see this link. I went to LagNmoor last evening to see this build before it was gone and I had a chance to briefly speak to Maxwell and to ask for permission to take the following images. As you will see, the detail in his creations is fantastic...I'm only sorry you won't get to walk through them as I did. I haven't looked today, but in that above link he stated that the content will be available in vendors at Rustica sim. It is well worth your time to visit this place. ************************************************************* I tried to imagine titles for these images and decided they speak for themselves. ********* LagNmoor... a retrospective of one mans dream... If we as a culture want to keep those among us that create... we have to stop and think. Is taking anothers legitimate work and creativity worth losing places like this? Skatman Shelman, or alt Skatman Edelmann, (who is the alleged thief) is taking more than the few dollars he might make off of this content. He takes from all of us.

In years gone by I took a lot of real life dollars from a lot of people, as well as childhood years from my daughter. We as a world society paid a price for my behaviour, just as we in Secondlife pay a price for theft.

The price isn't just that Maxwell had his art stolen and money was made by another from his skills. I have looked first hand at Maxwells work... it's a work of love. I guarantee you he could make a lot more real life dollars in the same time it took to create LagNmoor, the work was also done out of love for all of us. For us to see a bit of the, "What if", that could be here in Secondlife.


I am in so many ways not the person I wish to be...

But I'm so glad I'm not the person I used to be.

And so it goes

I love you all, brinda



Friday, June 25, 2010


Even if you don't follow the Secondlife news, I would doubt there's anyone that hasn't heard by now that Linden Lab has replaced Mark Kingdon {M Linden} as CEO with the former CEO and creator of Secondlife, Phillip Rosedale {Phillip Linden}. Yes, the jury is still out...but I for one have renewed hope for our future. As I went through my mornings review of the various and sundry blogs I follow I did find one really definitive post from this woman, Zha Ewry . I know it's a long read but it's so worth it...Zha has been here nearly four years and works for what likely is the largest IT company in the world. ************************************************************************ I was looking last evening at the flags on the telehub... Secondlife is such a magical place. I try to represent everyone that lives here with a flag of their country.

I do have a rainbow flag texture to put up as well, just haven't made room for it as yet... {I know, it's not a country...although in some parts of the world identifying ones self as other than heterosexual can make you feel like you're from another world}. *** A few brief comments on something I hear way too much about.... False abuse reports. I believe that everyone should have the right to report another avatar for violations of those Terms Of Service we all agree to when we create an account in Secondlife, or for violations of Community Standards. The part that's been really bothering me is those abuse reports that are filed as a form of griefing. Recently an avatar that many of my friends know and call a close friend has been accused of copybotting content and summarily banned from Secondlife. While I don't pretend to know all the details, I do believe that all the people that have come forward in his defense can't be wrong. In his case there is a general consensus as to who filed said report, and that the report was filed out of spite. In a recent conversation with a person that was mentored and befriended by the banned account I mentioned that certainly one reason I don't spend any time at any of the local welcome area hangouts is because of false abuse reports. From what I can gather, a report is sent and re sent by several alt accounts... that seems to flag it and for what ever reason those Lindens that look at abuse reports don't/can't seem to handle the workload and if the report is something serious they bann and the investigation can take weeks. I don't know how the report system identifies which violations are things that need instant attention. In years gone by I can tell you that I have identified underage accounts on the help islands and before I could fill out the second report the first one was gone. I know false reports happen...and banns happen.... and weeks go by. My Secondlife daughter was banned as underage...she came to Secondlife three years ago when she was 18...she faxed a copy of her drivers license to Linden Lab as proof of her age. It took five weeks. Thinking... if it took five weeks then, and now they are 100 people smaller? Will the change at the top of the Lab make a change in this? I don't know if that's possible.

What I do believe is that just as the images above indicate, we have such a chance to be a part of something that is priceless. I can sit in my home in Southern California and have a personal connection and interaction with friends all across the entire world: the USA, Canada, UK, France, Romania, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Qatar, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Peru, Brazil. (If I left your country out yell at me! ) =^..^=

I have more hope today than I did last week... I'll leave with something I posted on Zha's blog this morning...

"Those of us that came some time ago understand that Phillip and his company didn’t create Secondlife. They created a platform…they created code and viewers…they bought and fired up servers. We, the customers, have created Secondlife….. Never mind those that said Secondlife isn’t a cultureit is for those of us that made this world we so love. Yes, listen to us or we will feel unwanted and go somewhere else. Not because we don’t want to stay but because we will feel unwanted."


And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda



Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mothers...Tricycles... & Dancing with tears

User-Created Public Domain Image courtesy of Karen Ogilvie ******************************************************************* A few random thoughts.... Actually many of my thoughts are random...or disconnected at best. In no particular order.... As a parent you hate to see your child leave home... My gosh I was a veritable basket case when my daughter decided that she was old enough to ride her tricycle around the block at age 5/6. Keep in mind we lived in a housing tract in Huntington Beach a long ways from traffic... in a tract that had no cross traffic, and she wouldn't have to cross a street. It was an upper middle class neighborhood and it was noon on like Tuesday. Yes, she was fine. And there comes a time when you realize that your child must leave home. Many of my residents seem to view me as a Mother figure... and often I suppose I act like it. I have met so many of them when they were very new and I wanted to make Secondlife as special for them as it has been for me. Lori IMed me last evening asking me if I would come and give her my opinion on a parcel that she wanted to buy. I did go...her choice of parcel seems to be a good choice, covenant looks good, cost per prim nice, and then my heart did that little "jump" because my *daughter* wanted to ride her tricycle around the block! She has made what is likely a good choice for herself and is going to be fine... just as my daughter was 35 years ago. ********************I will miss not seeing Lori here**************

Everything seems to happen as it's supposed matter what I think. Raven just a day or so ago approached me about a few more prims and I told her I'd get back to her. I explained last evening that there were a couple of options to achieve that... certainly one of those plans is to wait for a few days and see if angel is going to be well enough to return. With me, you see, it's not all about the money. I owe Angel a certain amount of allegiance, she was the first resident here as well as a close personal friend. The parcel she ended up with was the Secondlife home she had always wanted, so a few days grace is both in order from her standpoint as well as giving Raven a bit of time to think. I see it as a good thing for all. *** I spent a portion of last week exploring old landmarks. Secondlife is a rapidly changing environment and locations often change quickly. There are places in Secondlife that have endured... {see this link to the start of a 40 odd post series of very early Secondlife places.} Many of the landmarks I had from 2 or 3 years ago are now gone. I can tell you that to teleport in and land in a living room on someones coffee table gives one a great way to start a conversation! *** I want to take a moment to personally thank both Poly for spending some time with me today, and to Raven for and invite to a music venue this morning. Think about this for a any given time there are upwards of fifty thousand plus people on line...two of them decided to spend time with me. Thank you both. *** Curious. I wonder if there is a set quantity of tears we need to shed in a lifetime? Just joking...a little. In these last couple of years I seem to get emotional over the darnedest things. Today when I was over cleaning up Loris parcel and chatting with Poly I had the TV idling in the background... I was ok with the movie "Dirty Dancing" playing in that background, until the very end, when the last scene started and "The Time of My Life" started playing... I sat in stunned silence with tears just running.

(30,927,637 views of this video)

Really, it seemed like a much better movie in 1987...but that end dance scene with the Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes duet as scene music just did me. (I'm such a sap for stuff like that)

And so it goes

I love you all, brinda



Sunday, June 20, 2010


Secondlife never ceases to amaze me, both with the almost unlimited ability for content creation, and for the people one can meet here. I spent much of yesterday and the evening before with people. Now I suspect that most of you come to Secondlife primarily as a social gathering place, you come to meet friends or lovers, or to engage in some form of interaction with others that share your emotional view of what Secondlife has to offer. There are those of us that often spend a lot of time in-world alone, my friend Immy has been talking about that very thing as well. Very recently I ended up spending almost every online minute with friends here. My friend Drew and I met while we were both using alt accounts to mentor nooblets on the old Help Islands, Drew logged in and I talked her into going to Inworldz for a bit and looking around. When I returned here to Secondlife I was just in time to see Bubbles log in, we went to SL7B Bear Island to check out the collection of Linden Bears and to set a landmark for the Secondlife Birthday Party. Secondlife Officially turns 7 on June 23rd and there will be a week long party here.... While we were there I IMed Lori to come and check out the bears....Barbara from Berlin showed up briefly, my day was getting busy! *******************************************************************************

*****************************Polys Bear Collection ************************** Returning last evening, the parade of people continued...and so did my education. I have always been a very curious person, as a child my Mother found that sending me to my room wasn't punishment, I just promptly picked up a book and mentally escaped. I've come to learn that Secondlife is much like my room was as a child... I come here to learn. Drew is in Japan so my evenings are her noons, we chatted for a few, Raven came and all three of us went to The Lost Gardens of Apollo where Flor joined us for a chat at the dance floor. ***

Returning to Benares, Drew invited Ines to join us and this is finally where I have been headed with this post. Ines is from Indonesia and is a school teacher in both real life and Secondlife. Because Secondlife has allowed me intimate exposure to cultures from all over the world I am able to be quiet enough inside to sit and learn how much we all are alike. Many years ago I learned that to communicate with have to speak their language. That doesn't mean I must speak Indonesian, or Japanese, or anything else. It does mean that I need to speak from my heart. {And yes, out of courtesy refrain from slang or Internet shortcut chat } As many of the followers of this blog know, I spent the first couple weeks of February in Northeast India... it's amazing the reaction I got from two simple exchanges. ठनक यू , (the Romanization is D'hann Yavaad) Thank you, in Hindi, and प्लेअसे (Kripaya), Please. That's the total of my Hindi, but the emotional doors those words opened were amazing.

If people understand that I care enough to try and really communicate it enriches all of us. I said I come to Secondlife to learn, to escape to Australia, or Romania, or Turkey. I think I come to teach as well. "We teach best what we most need to learn" And so it goes My love to you all, brinda Namaste नमस्ते

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Changing Worlds..sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly

*********** Is This Perfect? Was It Done Perfectly The First Time? **********
This part of my life's story started about 1985 when I returned to a place of confinement 'one more time'. Most of you will never know the pain of watching people you first meet at age 18 in 1960 still sitting in prison 25 years's been another 25 years since then, and if those people are still alive... they are still sitting there. Together we watched the news as Carl Chessman was executed in 1960... we saw the Manson girls come... we watched so many of us maybe waste this life. One of those people turned me onto a book in 1985 that eventually changed my life. The book wasn't a religious text, I have remained an atheist since my first glimmer of *What If* in 1958. The book I was given was Jonathon Livingston Seagull, a story by a writer named Richard Bach. It was written in 1970, became a best seller and a cult hit. Five years later for me came, Illusions, The adventures of a reluctant Messiah. Here's a Youtube that has some of the quotations from the Messiahs Handbook. Yesterday I found Bach's latest work in my favorite bookstore. Hypnotizing Maria. While much of Bach's premise on who we are hasn't changed, the way it's expressed has and should. So often it's not what we's what another hears. I hope some of you take the time to find these three volumes. *** I realize this rambles...I suppose it's a measure of where my head is today...and has been since I read that last book. Hypnotizing Maria is a small volume, 154 pages, about an hour and a half's will take a lot longer for me to absorb though. It's so difficult to remember your objective to drain the swamp when you're ass deep in alligators. I don't know if anyone noticed that I said "maybe wasted" this life in the early lines above. I'm certain I didn't waste mine. When the student is ready... the teacher will appear. Who would have ever thought a person spending their life inside a prison would free me from mine? If they did free me.......was their life wasted? Our world here in Secondlife is changing...will it be better, worse, or just different? Have we wasted this time? We have the power to change the outcome. I hope we do it together.
And so it goes I love you all, brinda Namaste नमस्ते

Monday, June 14, 2010


Imagine... Imagine a world where you could be anyone or anything you wished to be...a world where you could create objects of beauty or utility out of seemingly nothing. Imagine a world where you could visit with people from all over the world.... instantly. Where you could go and experience their culture.... instantly. A world where the deaf hear, the chair ridden can dance, the halt can fly. Imagine a world where you can create communities, where, if you've the talent, you can earn a living. Now, imagine the rulers of that world decide that those things you have created are worthless to them... that your creative skills are as nothing. What if those same rulers made arbitrary changes to financial agreements you had made with them? Imagine if those "rulers" decided that the very thing you used to visualize their world was to be something that made it terribly difficult for you to create.. or to immerse yourself in their world. You watch it turn into "their world" now... not your world or your imagination. Would you be angry... would you want to retaliate? How could you do that? Could you be so angry you would attempt to destroy "their" world? Would you enter their world over and over forcing it to fail... or forcing the remaining residents to have a bad experience? Maybe. Would Enter those we call griefers. Perhaps some are angry for the reasons above. The sad thing I think is that those griefers don't come and destroy a world for reason. They come and destroy for the lulz... for the laughs... for a vicarious sense of power... they come because they can. *** Imagine... Imagine a world where you could be anyone or anything you wished to be...a world where you could create objects of beauty or utility out of seemingly nothing. Imagine a world where you could visit with people from all over the world.... instantly. Where you could go and experience their culture.... instantly. A world where the deaf hear, the chair ridden can dance, the halt can fly. Imagine a world where you can create communities, where, if you've the talent, you can earn a living. Imagine that when you logged into this world... the creator of that world was standing there to greet you. That the creator personally took you to a freebie shop and helped dress you so you didn't look so noobish. A world where you could go to a welcome area and find a mentor and tell them that you have invited so and so to join and please keep and eye out. A world where, when that new person arrived someone said, "Hi! We've been waiting for you." There is a place like that.... Inworldz.

The coffee house at Inworldz...Just to the left in this image is where new residents arrive.


Now imagine that many of the same people that wanted to destroy that world where the despotic rulers gave them "cause" came to this new world... and did the same things they had done before.

That is what I base my belief on, that those that come to harm and destroy, have no legitimate cause.

As a practising Buddhist I have great difficulty in seeing the middle path where this is concerned. You see... there is a solution. It's not palatable... it's's, from a Buddhist perspective, immoral... but it would work.

(A legal disclaimer here... I am not condoning, or encouraging anyone to follow this train of action)

I was smart enough in school to not take Latin... so I can't give you the Latin phrase for this...

"Where there is no police car... there is no speed limit"

Many years ago my neighbors husband physically attacked her. Another neighbor across the street was standing outside the next morning when the attacker was headed to work. The wife beater didn't go to work that morning.....and he never touched his wife again either.

People know who these griefers are... Publicise their names and actions...don't let them hide in their mothers basement anymore.

I remember looking at ones real life me, he couldn't have even visited Frontera... much less a mens prison.

If you do know who these people are, ostracize them... stop condoning their actions. I'm not sure there aren't legal actions that could be pursued... civil suits, restraint of trade..I don't know.


I also know less now than I did a few years ago...I looked at my fish bowl last weekend, it looks so full still...and yet a qwik mental calculation is that I'm likely just under 600 weekends left now. There is so much to learn...and so little time this time around...

Forgive my games of hate and jealousy...I'll try harder

And so it goes

I try to love you all, brinda



Sunday, June 13, 2010

Some Goodbyes are Harder Than Others

I received more bad news last evening. The entire week past has not been a pleasant one for me and it's difficult for me to imagine how those directly affected can possibly feel. Tom Hale lost his job at Linden Lab...and I don't care. Mr. Hale is a professional and I suspect he will land on his feet and bring viewer 2.0 or another tragedy to somewhere/someone else. He was certain that Secondlife was there to augment real life and had no culture...I don't mean he saw no music or art here...he just didn't seem to understand that for so many of us, Secondlife is just that...a secondlife. Brinda exists...the Google god believes...{brinda exists on 8 pages last anyone looked}. We develop friendships and "familys" here that transcend these is another life...a secondlife. *** I came and sat on the parcel below for a few minutes this morning...just numb. This was Angels. Angel is from Australia...she was our first resident, I still remember her and Ling standing where Lings house is now on the Southwest corner of mainside. I rezzed a freebie jukebox and the three of us sat and talked. I had great dreams here and Angel was the first to help bring those dreams to life. Her dream that evening in early 2008 was to have that 4096 corner. While she didn't get that corner she did move first to where Porter is now, just one of the four places shes owned here. There were a lot of ups and downs in Angels Secondlife...believe me this parcel was finally home।

This was her dream come true...her own little private islet out East.

I got the note card below at log in last the time I accepted it...and looked at friends list she had logged off. Coincidence... maybe. I've learned how hard it is for family here to say goodbye. As another friend told me in a goodbye note, they had planned and wished the note to be a lot different...deeper just turns out to be incredibly difficult to say goodbye.For me, this is so much more than an empty parcel.......... Right now it's a hole in my heart... There's time left...I have hope.


The image below is from the Rouge "graveyard" where the impromptu memorial was set up for the Lindens that lost employment last week. I had chatted with a few over these last three years, most just a passing chat or a one line IM. One seemed to find my independent mentoring a thorn in her side... and then came Mia. Mia came in during those last few months of the Secondlife Mentors and she and I had several chats. She was good... I know she saw what I was doing as a good thing and would "speak to me" because she was getting various old line mentors ragging on her. I remember one evening at the Sutherland Dam meeting where Dirk Talamasca was chiding me for alting on the help islands...telling me that what I was doing was improper and that I knew it. (while perve camming my boobs...guess he wasn't aware or didn't care that Emerald allowed you to see where anothers camera is focused.) My response was... "Ask Mia Linden".

I guess he did ,{or someone then did}, a day or so later I got an IM from Mia telling me there were a lot of ways to help, and that she was in a meeting just then. Subject closed. Mia cared... She was one of us.

And so it goes

My love to all, brinda



Thursday, June 10, 2010

Words of Hope...A Goodbye to Many

Two things today...You know it's funny how sometimes I wake up in the wee hours of the morning with what I see as a great idea for a post here and upon logging in see things happening in Secondlife that so dovetail into my "plan" {no laughing out loud at 'plan'}. ****************************Woodstock Burleigh************************

Yesterday I mentioned meeting an interesting person at leogan Magics Speakeasy music venue. As is my habit anywhere I go, I start looking at rezz dates. I am always interested in what people that came to Secondlife before me have to say.

Woodstock Burleigh... When I read his profile and his quote from a recently departed icon of the United States political system I felt the same feelings I felt in 1980 when I first heard these words.

"the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die."

I have known for many years that I don't have to know how I know things...I just need to know when I know things.

I didn't conciously know when I read those words that *The Benevolent Monarchy* was about to make a business decision known that will have such long range consequences for so many of us. For those of you new or relatively new to Secondlife, the original advertising had a famous line... a line so many of the early people believed in... "Your World....Your Imagination".

The Lab has changed a lot of that... what you see, what you saw eighteen months ago was that dream. Today Linden Lab has changed that dream for us. Today they actively compete with in world content creators... and today they actively compete with both small land owners such as myself as well as those that own in excess of one hundred regions. {Yes, I said one hundred regions!}

That corporate competion is what brought Ted Kennedys quote home to me...

I still have the dream... I've said before that I will stay as long as they let me.... But yes, I am making contingency plans... plans I hope won't be used.

Part Two Below

A few sad moments this morning. If you haven't heard by now...likely in excess of one hundred Linden employees were terminated yesterday...

I took these images this morning at Rouge

If you look carely, you will see not a few Lindens as well as some well known names among those of us there to say a goodbye....I'm hoping it was only a goodbye to Lindens.

And so it goes

Farewell Mia Linden My love to you all, brinda



Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Miscellaneous...Music Harassment Voice

Miscellaneous stuff that's come to mind these last few days... As many of my closest friends understand, I'm not a terribly social person. I realize just how odd that sounds coming from someone that has been here in Secondlife for three years and committed several thousands of real life dollars to this dream but it's true. My friend Porter IMed me last evening inviting me to come to Speakeasy Live music venue and listen to a couple of musicians, Joe Paravane and Sandywater Solo. I encourage anyone that wants to have a good music experience to visit leogan Magics place, Speakeasy. The team he's picked do a heck of a job at making every single person feel that you don't get an automated greeting, you get a greeting that shows a genuine interest in your being there.

Both of these guys are great professional musicians...(this image from stage doesn't show Sandy's "casper".) I invited one of my friends and she had a good time as was about time for her to have a good time. Sometimes it's easy to get hooked up in drama that you don't want and didn't start. More about drama in a few lines. *** Music in Secondlife is a place that sees a lot of oldbies... those that have been in-world longer than I have. I did come across a guy at this venue who's profile text... and my ensuing IM chat was wonderful. I want to devote an entire post to this guy and his's not a new message...but a worthy message. *** More about drama. My friend Boyd has recently posted this:

I did have some indirect "help" from this avatar a year or so ago. I had met a very nice, smart woman from the UK at the Hanja welcome area. While I never did get all the was a general opinion from more than one of the more stable people I know there that the avatar that has been considered persona non grata in several areas was one that spread a lot of "tales" to my UK friend and not only put a stop to my friendship... she has in effect caused that woman to stop coming to Hanja and perhaps to Secondlife.


While I agree with all that Boyd has said...I did find one bit of his post that makes many of us uncomfortable.

Quote, "What's most surprising, this serial stalker of women in Hanja presents themselves consistently with female avatars, even though they've never used voice to confirm that as their gender."

I know that Boyd uses voice almost exclusively as do many of those regulars that call Hanja a second home, that's fine. As far as presenting herself as female?... who really cares, unless one plans to have a "relationship". Total immersion in Secondlife is a lot easier in text and impugning anothers motives for not playing Linden Labs game to make this into a 3D chat room is unfair.(See the link below to soronishi's post... do follow her link @ 'Read more here")

{My gosh! You mean all those dragons at Cathedral aren't really dragons?}

What about those accounts that have speech impediments? Or those that are deaf/mute? Only 40% of Secondlife accounts are from the United States, the vast number here use English as a second language. Who the heck am I to judge anothers motive for any decision.

I've found it very difficult to multitask in Secondlife if someones using voice... my immediate reaction is to think that the person using voice has decided that my listening to them is the most important thing in their world. With text I can always return to chat history and see what has been said.

Having said all that...I was pleased to see that my estate manager beat me to our estate ban list with the accounts mentioned above. re: "stalking"


OK...that's enough prattling from me for one day...(please do read soro Nishi's hundred Lindens got fired!) might be hard to beat the rats to the life boats.

And so it goes

My love to all, brinda



Monday, June 7, 2010

Odd Fellows & I don't mean the service org.

Wondering if it's in the water ? Please don't let me drink it!
I'm talking about some of what goes on in Secondlife....actually it goes on everywhere I guess...just here people think they are totally anonymous. Btw...and you can trust me on this or not... if someone wants to find you in real life, and if they are a lot smarter than I am (that's a low bar } they can find you. Just for kicks (and ego =^..^=) I googled brinda Allen. There are eight pages, many sites keep track of IPs...that's how you get ad offers. OK...where I'm going with this. Recently my friend Boyd Doghouse posted about some one that is/was borderline illegal (no I don't mean he's in the country illegally}. Take a quick peek at Boyds post here I said borderline illegal 'cause I'm not sure whether it's legal to impersonate a law enforcement officer here or not. OK... that's one, here's a couple of images of his Secondlife profile... nooblet... and off on wrong foot? Here's number two... Now as a personal issue I find this one the more dangerous of the two. Number one is going to meet supposed adults here, and as adults we could reasonably expect them to do as Boyds friend did and ask for advice. Number two plays a much more devious game.
This all started when I landed at Morris. I saw a nooblet there that, as usual for people with a zero for days, was just standing there...turning slowly around and around. My nooblet radar kicked in and I sent her my usual IM greeting.... re: Hi! :=) Welcome to Secondlife! After the obligatory "This is confusing" etc., she told me she was supposed to find some one. I asked her if she had searched for the person and she said, of course, " How?" She gave me his name...I searched, found his profile... {see image below} and.............. continued after the images.

I contacted this, "wonderful man". Now as you can see...while I was attempting to help the nooblet, I wasn't very thrilled with her choice of people, and I guess it shows =^..^=

This is an edited IM history of our long IM session! Yes, I could have been more patient....and polite. NOT! I absolutely despise the men that play this dominating bullcrap.

As you can see, I've edited all his personal info out. I refuse to help advertise his perversity. That's also why I edited his name out of IM log...{btw, it's legal to post IM and chat logs as long as they are off Linden servers.}

I realize that everyone has the choice of the role they choose to play in any venue...even in real life venues. And I also realize that my thinking is colored by a situation of virtual slavery and mind control that occurred here at Benares. Role play of equals is fine...but it's not for me...and sometimes those that seem to be equals really aren't.

And so it goes

I'm supposed to love all...yeck! Some just won't go down




Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yak & Yeti.....and men!

Thought about this post a lot over night... A couple of things have gone on in the last couple of days that all seem to be connected...well, connected in that sometimes strange world between my ears. =^..^= *** A day or two ago Sabre sent me a landmark about an Indian and Tibetan shop. I swear, I have no idea how this woman finds these places... seems as though I always see her at her cliffside home in Benares West. The images below come from the Yak & Yeti shop... While all of these creations are free... a donation is appreciated I'm sure... that will help ensure that her shop is there for those that don't have resources.

Small shop... don't miss up the ladder to second floor... Lots of womens clothing.... and yes, there are outfits for men as well (More about that below} There is a small stupa worshiping one of the Hindu gods...Ganesh. Such a cool dragonfly...scripted so as to face you often. I asked Lori to join me... of course she had to ride the resident Yak! The owner, Annapurna... I thought I recognized her first sure and peek at her first life picture. We are so blessed with such cultural diversity in Secondlife. I found some great Indian outfits.


The other thoughts that have occupied me recently....

The differences in male and female avatars.

So many of the females have been aptly described by my friend Lou Netizen as six foot Barbie dolls... totally unrealistic. Now few of us would want to have all of our real life attributes or our perceived defects imported to Secondlife... certainly at 68 I'm happy with my tall skinny butt here. But the females do, as a group, dress so much better than the males.... and there are real life females that approximate Secondlife avatars.

Benares is blessed with having reasonably normal looking guys.... rarely do we get the "Incredible Hulk" looking ones... (maybe there's just enough estrogen here!). Recently I've noticed the guys don't seem to take criticism about their clothing choice well either...(surprise). I had thought that having a perve camming me gave me a leg up so to speak...not so.

Picture this... We are at a music venue, it's a beach setting.... "GI Joe" {not sl name} shows up dressed in military desert camouflage. He stands at a far edge...I see an open chat line ..."xxxx cams brinda"....hmmm....OK, been here, done that, all done. And then I thought "Hey, give the guy the benefit.... maybe its just a nice icebreaker". I find him via camera... read profile... and send him a teasing IM about his choice of dance/beach ware. No response. A bit later, I see he's changed into a lot more casual wear.... teasing still, I send an IM that applauds his clothing change and tell him that no matter what the girls said, I knew he could do it. About thirty minutes later after I've left I get a terse IM saying that desert camouflage goes well with a beach. And the guys wonder why I'm generally very cool to conversations. Of course the best cutoff line is...I'm 68.

And so it goes

I want to love you all, brinda