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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Secondlife never ceases to amaze me, both with the almost unlimited ability for content creation, and for the people one can meet here. I spent much of yesterday and the evening before with people. Now I suspect that most of you come to Secondlife primarily as a social gathering place, you come to meet friends or lovers, or to engage in some form of interaction with others that share your emotional view of what Secondlife has to offer. There are those of us that often spend a lot of time in-world alone, my friend Immy has been talking about that very thing as well. Very recently I ended up spending almost every online minute with friends here. My friend Drew and I met while we were both using alt accounts to mentor nooblets on the old Help Islands, Drew logged in and I talked her into going to Inworldz for a bit and looking around. When I returned here to Secondlife I was just in time to see Bubbles log in, we went to SL7B Bear Island to check out the collection of Linden Bears and to set a landmark for the Secondlife Birthday Party. Secondlife Officially turns 7 on June 23rd and there will be a week long party here.... While we were there I IMed Lori to come and check out the bears....Barbara from Berlin showed up briefly, my day was getting busy! *******************************************************************************

*****************************Polys Bear Collection ************************** Returning last evening, the parade of people continued...and so did my education. I have always been a very curious person, as a child my Mother found that sending me to my room wasn't punishment, I just promptly picked up a book and mentally escaped. I've come to learn that Secondlife is much like my room was as a child... I come here to learn. Drew is in Japan so my evenings are her noons, we chatted for a few, Raven came and all three of us went to The Lost Gardens of Apollo where Flor joined us for a chat at the dance floor. ***

Returning to Benares, Drew invited Ines to join us and this is finally where I have been headed with this post. Ines is from Indonesia and is a school teacher in both real life and Secondlife. Because Secondlife has allowed me intimate exposure to cultures from all over the world I am able to be quiet enough inside to sit and learn how much we all are alike. Many years ago I learned that to communicate with have to speak their language. That doesn't mean I must speak Indonesian, or Japanese, or anything else. It does mean that I need to speak from my heart. {And yes, out of courtesy refrain from slang or Internet shortcut chat } As many of the followers of this blog know, I spent the first couple weeks of February in Northeast India... it's amazing the reaction I got from two simple exchanges. ठनक यू , (the Romanization is D'hann Yavaad) Thank you, in Hindi, and प्लेअसे (Kripaya), Please. That's the total of my Hindi, but the emotional doors those words opened were amazing.

If people understand that I care enough to try and really communicate it enriches all of us. I said I come to Secondlife to learn, to escape to Australia, or Romania, or Turkey. I think I come to teach as well. "We teach best what we most need to learn" And so it goes My love to you all, brinda Namaste नमस्ते

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