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Monday, June 7, 2010

Odd Fellows & I don't mean the service org.

Wondering if it's in the water ? Please don't let me drink it!
I'm talking about some of what goes on in Secondlife....actually it goes on everywhere I guess...just here people think they are totally anonymous. Btw...and you can trust me on this or not... if someone wants to find you in real life, and if they are a lot smarter than I am (that's a low bar } they can find you. Just for kicks (and ego =^..^=) I googled brinda Allen. There are eight pages, many sites keep track of IPs...that's how you get ad offers. OK...where I'm going with this. Recently my friend Boyd Doghouse posted about some one that is/was borderline illegal (no I don't mean he's in the country illegally}. Take a quick peek at Boyds post here I said borderline illegal 'cause I'm not sure whether it's legal to impersonate a law enforcement officer here or not. OK... that's one, here's a couple of images of his Secondlife profile... nooblet... and off on wrong foot? Here's number two... Now as a personal issue I find this one the more dangerous of the two. Number one is going to meet supposed adults here, and as adults we could reasonably expect them to do as Boyds friend did and ask for advice. Number two plays a much more devious game.
This all started when I landed at Morris. I saw a nooblet there that, as usual for people with a zero for days, was just standing there...turning slowly around and around. My nooblet radar kicked in and I sent her my usual IM greeting.... re: Hi! :=) Welcome to Secondlife! After the obligatory "This is confusing" etc., she told me she was supposed to find some one. I asked her if she had searched for the person and she said, of course, " How?" She gave me his name...I searched, found his profile... {see image below} and.............. continued after the images.

I contacted this, "wonderful man". Now as you can see...while I was attempting to help the nooblet, I wasn't very thrilled with her choice of people, and I guess it shows =^..^=

This is an edited IM history of our long IM session! Yes, I could have been more patient....and polite. NOT! I absolutely despise the men that play this dominating bullcrap.

As you can see, I've edited all his personal info out. I refuse to help advertise his perversity. That's also why I edited his name out of IM log...{btw, it's legal to post IM and chat logs as long as they are off Linden servers.}

I realize that everyone has the choice of the role they choose to play in any venue...even in real life venues. And I also realize that my thinking is colored by a situation of virtual slavery and mind control that occurred here at Benares. Role play of equals is fine...but it's not for me...and sometimes those that seem to be equals really aren't.

And so it goes

I'm supposed to love all...yeck! Some just won't go down




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