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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Community... Leadership... & Reminiscing

**********************Picture courtesy of Andor Diechter****************** I woke up in the small hours of this morning thinking about Secondlife, our community at Benares, and where each of those may be headed. As far as Secondlife goes, take a peek at comment number 35 or so in Zha Ewrys post of last week. That comment from Phillip Rosedale nee Linden gives me hope.... hope that at least we can see that the *boss* is listening.
When new people first enter Secondlife there are about three, "first questions" normally asked, "How do you play this *game*?" "What is there to do?" "Where is everybody?"
Reading something yesterday...
Even though Facebook and Farmville aren't a virtual worlds per se, there is the almost instant perception that you are surrounded.
Surrounded by comments, pictures, information, and it's bone simple to access.... point and click and you are *part of*, as opposed to Secondlife.
Secondlife has, by some accounts, a 20 hour learning curve... no instant reward, it's not easy, and for some of us that is a killer, we want easy.
The Secondlife platform is truly that, a second life... a place where we have to make a life for ourselves.
A part of life is joining a community.... first your family, then groups at school...we grow up and join a group where we work, religious groups, political groups... humans are pack animals.
It seems that a perceived success in Secondlife... success as defined by being happy and perhaps comfortable... means we have found a place or group that meets the need humans have for others.
My friend Ling and I 'ported to where my first home was in Secondlife a day or so ago.
We just stood there for perhaps thirty minutes chatting, standing on a nearly empty island and an empty parcel where my home had been until January of 2008
Funny, all islands are 256 meters squared and to stand on the Northeast corner of any island... the view is the same if there's no content, but I think Ling and I felt the same thing... this was where we started this journey three years ago and although the region had been renamed... for us it will always be Arrazura.
Four of us that came to Secondlife pretty much together three years ago are still here... we are a family. We tried to make a community on the mainland and I failed... so I left Arrazura and bought the region we now call Benares. Somehow I guess I knew I wanted a community here and the family I was busy being too self absorbed to have until I came to Secondlife.
I've not always been a good observer of life. So often I was unable to take a step back and really "see". Some of us can remember that song line about"Just because you can see the stars doesn't mean you can see the light"?
I did watch the owner of Arrazura and I've attempted to do some of what he did... and also to not do some of what he did.
Our community has grown... we have a stability that has come with time... it's in many ways like learning Secondlife its self, there's darn sure been a learning curve.
Reading what Phillip Rosedale had to say brings me renewed hope... hope for Secondlife and hope for our continuation as a family at Benares.
I am both blessed by having those who have chosen to have a home and a community at our region as well as empowered to provide some measure of leadership. It's important for me to remember that one can only lead if there are those that decide you're heading in a good direction.
And so it goes
My love to you all, brinda

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