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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Some Goodbyes are Harder Than Others

I received more bad news last evening. The entire week past has not been a pleasant one for me and it's difficult for me to imagine how those directly affected can possibly feel. Tom Hale lost his job at Linden Lab...and I don't care. Mr. Hale is a professional and I suspect he will land on his feet and bring viewer 2.0 or another tragedy to somewhere/someone else. He was certain that Secondlife was there to augment real life and had no culture...I don't mean he saw no music or art here...he just didn't seem to understand that for so many of us, Secondlife is just that...a secondlife. Brinda exists...the Google god believes...{brinda exists on 8 pages last anyone looked}. We develop friendships and "familys" here that transcend these is another life...a secondlife. *** I came and sat on the parcel below for a few minutes this morning...just numb. This was Angels. Angel is from Australia...she was our first resident, I still remember her and Ling standing where Lings house is now on the Southwest corner of mainside. I rezzed a freebie jukebox and the three of us sat and talked. I had great dreams here and Angel was the first to help bring those dreams to life. Her dream that evening in early 2008 was to have that 4096 corner. While she didn't get that corner she did move first to where Porter is now, just one of the four places shes owned here. There were a lot of ups and downs in Angels Secondlife...believe me this parcel was finally home।

This was her dream come true...her own little private islet out East.

I got the note card below at log in last the time I accepted it...and looked at friends list she had logged off. Coincidence... maybe. I've learned how hard it is for family here to say goodbye. As another friend told me in a goodbye note, they had planned and wished the note to be a lot different...deeper just turns out to be incredibly difficult to say goodbye.For me, this is so much more than an empty parcel.......... Right now it's a hole in my heart... There's time left...I have hope.


The image below is from the Rouge "graveyard" where the impromptu memorial was set up for the Lindens that lost employment last week. I had chatted with a few over these last three years, most just a passing chat or a one line IM. One seemed to find my independent mentoring a thorn in her side... and then came Mia. Mia came in during those last few months of the Secondlife Mentors and she and I had several chats. She was good... I know she saw what I was doing as a good thing and would "speak to me" because she was getting various old line mentors ragging on her. I remember one evening at the Sutherland Dam meeting where Dirk Talamasca was chiding me for alting on the help islands...telling me that what I was doing was improper and that I knew it. (while perve camming my boobs...guess he wasn't aware or didn't care that Emerald allowed you to see where anothers camera is focused.) My response was... "Ask Mia Linden".

I guess he did ,{or someone then did}, a day or so later I got an IM from Mia telling me there were a lot of ways to help, and that she was in a meeting just then. Subject closed. Mia cared... She was one of us.

And so it goes

My love to all, brinda



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  1. Our connection to SecondLife seems so tangible when we're in it, that it's sometimes shocking when we're faced with just how tenuous it really is.

    We leave no mortal remains behind. The system itself absorbs our property and our creations, sometimes never to be seen again.

    In SecondLife, we are the ghost in the machine.