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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Miscellaneous...Music Harassment Voice

Miscellaneous stuff that's come to mind these last few days... As many of my closest friends understand, I'm not a terribly social person. I realize just how odd that sounds coming from someone that has been here in Secondlife for three years and committed several thousands of real life dollars to this dream but it's true. My friend Porter IMed me last evening inviting me to come to Speakeasy Live music venue and listen to a couple of musicians, Joe Paravane and Sandywater Solo. I encourage anyone that wants to have a good music experience to visit leogan Magics place, Speakeasy. The team he's picked do a heck of a job at making every single person feel that you don't get an automated greeting, you get a greeting that shows a genuine interest in your being there.

Both of these guys are great professional musicians...(this image from stage doesn't show Sandy's "casper".) I invited one of my friends and she had a good time as was about time for her to have a good time. Sometimes it's easy to get hooked up in drama that you don't want and didn't start. More about drama in a few lines. *** Music in Secondlife is a place that sees a lot of oldbies... those that have been in-world longer than I have. I did come across a guy at this venue who's profile text... and my ensuing IM chat was wonderful. I want to devote an entire post to this guy and his's not a new message...but a worthy message. *** More about drama. My friend Boyd has recently posted this:

I did have some indirect "help" from this avatar a year or so ago. I had met a very nice, smart woman from the UK at the Hanja welcome area. While I never did get all the was a general opinion from more than one of the more stable people I know there that the avatar that has been considered persona non grata in several areas was one that spread a lot of "tales" to my UK friend and not only put a stop to my friendship... she has in effect caused that woman to stop coming to Hanja and perhaps to Secondlife.


While I agree with all that Boyd has said...I did find one bit of his post that makes many of us uncomfortable.

Quote, "What's most surprising, this serial stalker of women in Hanja presents themselves consistently with female avatars, even though they've never used voice to confirm that as their gender."

I know that Boyd uses voice almost exclusively as do many of those regulars that call Hanja a second home, that's fine. As far as presenting herself as female?... who really cares, unless one plans to have a "relationship". Total immersion in Secondlife is a lot easier in text and impugning anothers motives for not playing Linden Labs game to make this into a 3D chat room is unfair.(See the link below to soronishi's post... do follow her link @ 'Read more here")

{My gosh! You mean all those dragons at Cathedral aren't really dragons?}

What about those accounts that have speech impediments? Or those that are deaf/mute? Only 40% of Secondlife accounts are from the United States, the vast number here use English as a second language. Who the heck am I to judge anothers motive for any decision.

I've found it very difficult to multitask in Secondlife if someones using voice... my immediate reaction is to think that the person using voice has decided that my listening to them is the most important thing in their world. With text I can always return to chat history and see what has been said.

Having said all that...I was pleased to see that my estate manager beat me to our estate ban list with the accounts mentioned above. re: "stalking"


OK...that's enough prattling from me for one day...(please do read soro Nishi's hundred Lindens got fired!) might be hard to beat the rats to the life boats.

And so it goes

My love to all, brinda




  1. I only mention the issue of voice and gender in this situation because that user aggressively seeks to form romantic relationships in SecondLife. The point being they're far too aggressive.

    Otherwise, I agree with you completely, voice and gender (and even species) simply don't matter in this platform.

    Anonymity and ambiguity are important and wonderful traits of SecondLife, with one caveat: an unscrupulous person can use these elements to manipulate and stalk which can ruin the rest of the SecondLife experience.

  2. Hi ..
    I don’t pretend to understand all that Linden Labs plans or how it will affect the longitivity of second life. I leave that to more informed people such as Brinda, Polly, and Boyd. Too Much blogging for me. Summers in rl is a very busy time.
    I do know that this is supposed to be fun. When it stops being fun it will be time to log off sl. It’s a shame that some find fun in harassing others either by stalking or manipulating. Everybody has the right to enjoy sl what ever way the choose. Be it role playing, building or shop keep. Nobody has the right to infringe their beliefs or ideas on another. Thank Goodness for Benares.
    Love always,