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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Words of Hope...A Goodbye to Many

Two things today...You know it's funny how sometimes I wake up in the wee hours of the morning with what I see as a great idea for a post here and upon logging in see things happening in Secondlife that so dovetail into my "plan" {no laughing out loud at 'plan'}. ****************************Woodstock Burleigh************************

Yesterday I mentioned meeting an interesting person at leogan Magics Speakeasy music venue. As is my habit anywhere I go, I start looking at rezz dates. I am always interested in what people that came to Secondlife before me have to say.

Woodstock Burleigh... When I read his profile and his quote from a recently departed icon of the United States political system I felt the same feelings I felt in 1980 when I first heard these words.

"the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die."

I have known for many years that I don't have to know how I know things...I just need to know when I know things.

I didn't conciously know when I read those words that *The Benevolent Monarchy* was about to make a business decision known that will have such long range consequences for so many of us. For those of you new or relatively new to Secondlife, the original advertising had a famous line... a line so many of the early people believed in... "Your World....Your Imagination".

The Lab has changed a lot of that... what you see, what you saw eighteen months ago was that dream. Today Linden Lab has changed that dream for us. Today they actively compete with in world content creators... and today they actively compete with both small land owners such as myself as well as those that own in excess of one hundred regions. {Yes, I said one hundred regions!}

That corporate competion is what brought Ted Kennedys quote home to me...

I still have the dream... I've said before that I will stay as long as they let me.... But yes, I am making contingency plans... plans I hope won't be used.

Part Two Below

A few sad moments this morning. If you haven't heard by now...likely in excess of one hundred Linden employees were terminated yesterday...

I took these images this morning at Rouge

If you look carely, you will see not a few Lindens as well as some well known names among those of us there to say a goodbye....I'm hoping it was only a goodbye to Lindens.

And so it goes

Farewell Mia Linden My love to you all, brinda



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