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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Beauty...Thieves...At What cost?

This is a sad story and it rather dovetails into part of what I spoke of yesterday, re: content theft and copybotting, and how capricious the enforcement can be. Maxwell Graf is one of the preeminent content creators in Secondlife and just one of the long string of people that have had content stolen, for details see this link. I went to LagNmoor last evening to see this build before it was gone and I had a chance to briefly speak to Maxwell and to ask for permission to take the following images. As you will see, the detail in his creations is fantastic...I'm only sorry you won't get to walk through them as I did. I haven't looked today, but in that above link he stated that the content will be available in vendors at Rustica sim. It is well worth your time to visit this place. ************************************************************* I tried to imagine titles for these images and decided they speak for themselves. ********* LagNmoor... a retrospective of one mans dream... If we as a culture want to keep those among us that create... we have to stop and think. Is taking anothers legitimate work and creativity worth losing places like this? Skatman Shelman, or alt Skatman Edelmann, (who is the alleged thief) is taking more than the few dollars he might make off of this content. He takes from all of us.

In years gone by I took a lot of real life dollars from a lot of people, as well as childhood years from my daughter. We as a world society paid a price for my behaviour, just as we in Secondlife pay a price for theft.

The price isn't just that Maxwell had his art stolen and money was made by another from his skills. I have looked first hand at Maxwells work... it's a work of love. I guarantee you he could make a lot more real life dollars in the same time it took to create LagNmoor, the work was also done out of love for all of us. For us to see a bit of the, "What if", that could be here in Secondlife.


I am in so many ways not the person I wish to be...

But I'm so glad I'm not the person I used to be.

And so it goes

I love you all, brinda



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