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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yak & Yeti.....and men!

Thought about this post a lot over night... A couple of things have gone on in the last couple of days that all seem to be connected...well, connected in that sometimes strange world between my ears. =^..^= *** A day or two ago Sabre sent me a landmark about an Indian and Tibetan shop. I swear, I have no idea how this woman finds these places... seems as though I always see her at her cliffside home in Benares West. The images below come from the Yak & Yeti shop... While all of these creations are free... a donation is appreciated I'm sure... that will help ensure that her shop is there for those that don't have resources.

Small shop... don't miss up the ladder to second floor... Lots of womens clothing.... and yes, there are outfits for men as well (More about that below} There is a small stupa worshiping one of the Hindu gods...Ganesh. Such a cool dragonfly...scripted so as to face you often. I asked Lori to join me... of course she had to ride the resident Yak! The owner, Annapurna... I thought I recognized her first sure and peek at her first life picture. We are so blessed with such cultural diversity in Secondlife. I found some great Indian outfits.


The other thoughts that have occupied me recently....

The differences in male and female avatars.

So many of the females have been aptly described by my friend Lou Netizen as six foot Barbie dolls... totally unrealistic. Now few of us would want to have all of our real life attributes or our perceived defects imported to Secondlife... certainly at 68 I'm happy with my tall skinny butt here. But the females do, as a group, dress so much better than the males.... and there are real life females that approximate Secondlife avatars.

Benares is blessed with having reasonably normal looking guys.... rarely do we get the "Incredible Hulk" looking ones... (maybe there's just enough estrogen here!). Recently I've noticed the guys don't seem to take criticism about their clothing choice well either...(surprise). I had thought that having a perve camming me gave me a leg up so to speak...not so.

Picture this... We are at a music venue, it's a beach setting.... "GI Joe" {not sl name} shows up dressed in military desert camouflage. He stands at a far edge...I see an open chat line ..."xxxx cams brinda"....hmmm....OK, been here, done that, all done. And then I thought "Hey, give the guy the benefit.... maybe its just a nice icebreaker". I find him via camera... read profile... and send him a teasing IM about his choice of dance/beach ware. No response. A bit later, I see he's changed into a lot more casual wear.... teasing still, I send an IM that applauds his clothing change and tell him that no matter what the girls said, I knew he could do it. About thirty minutes later after I've left I get a terse IM saying that desert camouflage goes well with a beach. And the guys wonder why I'm generally very cool to conversations. Of course the best cutoff line is...I'm 68.

And so it goes

I want to love you all, brinda




  1. Yak & Yeti is a wonderful place, I furnished my first home in Benares from that shop (and yes left a donation!). There are actually 2 upstairs rooms, and you reach these by different ladders. Great shop, I'm glad to hear its still there.

  2. Ooops, my error - the shop has moved and yes there is only one ladder now : )

  3. Haha, Actually I did not see a yak or a yeti. But, they do have pet-shoulder raccoons and pandas : )

  4. Boyd....(it was dressed like a clown! ROFL)