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Monday, May 31, 2010

Places to take a stand...

I started thinking a couple of days ago about Secondlife in general {actually I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about Secondlife}, and particularly where I stand in this wonderful world. Originally my thoughts were about my responsibilities here. I have a responsibility to my residents, to those I meet in-world, to myself, and to the Secondlife platform its self. The resident responsibilities are easy to our tier (people have paid me real money for their share of our operating costs). Provide our residents with a safe trouble free place to enjoy this world of ours. Either watch for activities that induce a lot of lag or hire people to do that...(I do both), and watch for those people that occasionally visit and become a pain. My stuff is all the keep a sense of ethics. I learned a long time ago that ethics is the stuff you do when there's a choice...............and no ones gonna know! To those I meet in world...... act polite, act ethically, act kindly, and try to remember how I felt when I was new. Acting responsible to the Secondlife platform is something that's taken awhile to figure out. It occurred to me after a few years that handing out stolen content to nooblets and justifying it as, "Well it was given to me by and oldbie"...or "What's the harm?... there's hundreds of people doing it", just won't fly. A lot of this is stuff most of us never think about. Only in these last few months have I become aware of the script problems here. We all get a little upset at the lag we so often experience. There's a post from Ann Otoole about lag {search her blog for info about "resizers"}. Resizers are scripts that literally resize hair or shoes, or boots etc. Yes, creators need to just use one script in root prim instead of a script in every prim (one hundred in hair easy...or more in those classy, hot, come do me boots you just bought). They don't use one script...I don't know why...lazy? You're gonna buy 'em anyway? We all have a responsibility to minimise our rendering costs... it's not just "all about me"'s about us. You could put 50 avies on an empty sim with almost no lag if they were dressed as texture haired nooblets! *********************************************************************** OK...'nuff philosophical "stuff".... *** Places to *stand* in world....I went out this morning looking for the edges of our world.

This is the farthest North west sim I could find. Roses of Love. What I did find rather interesting...there was one avatar on that sim...{in that house bottom right}. She had no idea she was on the edge of the world she said...and she had ban lines up! {just seemed incongruent}

Oh...interested in land? Quarter sim lower left for sale.... 4001 prims, 15L$..........

Tier? Only a measly 6,000L$ a week. (and the empty shopping mall just above...hmmm, maybe that's why the ban lines?)

*** This may be the oddest of my finds today...there are three of these sims located at the far Southwest corner of the world. All three are owned by Morgan? Linden... not certain now of first name, and all three are flat, green, and totally empty. *** The far Southeast corner....=^..^= *assisted living*. Aka Linden homes...all the 512 meter 117 prim house you can use. Lori and I were in that upper left corner...I thought the girl was gonna have a heart attack when she clicked a house..more...more..derender...and it did! (Only on her screen)

*** Beautiful estate center east side of the world... For some our first thought is, "That's what I want!". So much for a social Secondlife huh? {It was so very well done though}

*** And lastly, the Northeast corner....University of Potsdam...a scientific sim.

You kno, one can stand on the corner of any island and see nothing.... but here it felt different.

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