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Thursday, May 27, 2010


This image and its text were created by Andor Diechter November 2009. Thank you again Andy...I too feel so fortunate at having found Secondlife and it's people. **************************************************************************** What does Secondlife mean to you... Is it a place of escape, a place to create, a place for friends, a place of discovery, a place to grow, a place to love or be loved, a place to learn, a place to teach? Is it all of these... or none of these? *** I spent much of today thinking about these questions. My friend Deanna came last evening, she's recently had to re evaluate her ongoing education and the stresses that go along with higher education. Deanna has shared with me how she has come to feel about Secondlife... about what it means to her... the why she comes. A day or so ago my dear friend Andor stopped in for a few minutes... I didn't get a chance to chat with Andy in world then, but we did swap Emails a day or so later. Andor and I have had a couple of meaningful conversations over the better than a year he stayed at Benares. I believe I know a lot about why Andy comes back ever so often even though he isn't active in world just now. My friend Kattie is unable to come in-world often...what with house hunting, family, job, and the everyday things we all have to handle, there just isn't time. She and I also share emails, and I know what Kattie found here. Bubbles...She was missing for a few months, we chatted today about the whys for that. I understand the need for some of us to attempt to keep members of our real life close, and how often those real life members feel that they are closed off from us in world. *** All of the above stories are reasons to come to Secondlife... I won't share the intimate details of exactly why those people come here or any of the others I know. They aren't my stories to tell. I can tell you why I come. In my case it's all of those reasons I listed above. I didn't know those were the reasons when I first came.... when I first came, it just looked like a great adventure. What I found here was a life... a life like I guess I had wanted for a very long time. I've mentioned before about the invisablity of our older generation... while the older generation often can be hidebound and rigid in our thinking we also have so much life experience. I want to believe that I'm not one of those that has a rigid mind set...and this past year particularly has proved me right. I imagine all of you have heard of my Secondlife daughter Lala, we came to Secondlife at about the same time and Lala kinda adopted me. In some ways she has become the daughter experience I missed with my own daughter. I have become Mom to a few here, and you know... I take the projected responsibility both gladly and seriously. I love Secondlife... I get to mentor so many and I know that one on one mentoring is a key to allowing new people to remain. I am occaisionally asked to share my spiritual views and to answer those questions many of us know, those questions of... Who am I? Where are we? Where are we going? Why? *** I think I understand that for whatever reason this experience in Secondlife was the impetus for my recent pilgrimage to India... It just seemed like something I had to do. Today I see it predetermined that I named our home here Benares. *** I would be interested in why you are here if you choose to share that...either here in comments, in world, or via Email. I hope everyone would understand that your responses to me would be private unless you asked me to publish. *** And so it goes My love to you all, brinda Namaste नमस्त


  1. Sometime this month - May, I am not sure of the date, I had my first anniversary as a Benares resident! I had been in SL for less than two months when I moved to Benares. I had met Brinda, Poly and Breye one evening, just a week or two into SL, and they were so helpful. Breye convinced to to rent a few weeks later.

    So, why do I stay? Because of people I have met, like those I mentioned above. Real people, kind people, quirky people. This is so important to me. I have a disability that has left me weak and homebound since November 2007. I am basically a very social person - a people person, to use a cliche - and SL allows me to connect with people again, as I use to do before my disability.

    YAY for Second Life, YAY for Benares!!!!!


  2. Our disabilities arent always visable, mine included.
    Caro, it's people such as yourself that constantly convince me this is one of the most important things I have ever done. Thank you.