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Friday, May 7, 2010

What If...........

I've read that images are the way to capture an audience for a blog....
This is Varanasi India today.
(And it has nothing to do with this post =^..^= ) *** In a recent Email to a very close friend here in Secondlife I spoke of how my friend Ling has recreated her Secondlife experience several times so as not to get "stale", or lose the magic, the passion, that sudden *whatever it was* that so hooked so many of us at the beginning. In many cases we come to Secondlife rather wide eyed (in my case despite my age and RL experience) and get very close to some or a few. There are upsides as well as downsides to any relationship and those get a little screwy in a virtual world, a few examples. *** She squeezes the toothpaste tube in the middle... He leaves the seat up... He splatters water all over the mirror and has never found a paper towel to wipe it clean, ever... She has a multitude of various bottles, creams, and potions covering much of the sink area... You will never experience those here... *** Now the good ones.............. We can't see that sudden eye shift when we ask him if he's single... or the missing tan around a ring finger... She covers up a drug addiction, and all the sleazy stuff we will do to continue that one (personal experience on that one! )... You won't see those here either... When the truth comes out it can be devastating emotionally... it's so easy to avoid dealing with it...just log out and never return to where you were hurt. *** Now that previous bit is if it's just a virtual world experience.... What if..... What if the virtual world experience becomes a real life experience? Never mind her drug habit...or his STD...or wife...or the possible real time physical/financial harm or harrassment... There are many reported successful real life relationships that have begun in virtual worlds. My gosh, I wish them all a long and happy life. But......what if? *** I treasure this virtual world of ours... I have been student... I've been teacher. I have had occasion to mentor people and to offer my considerable life experiences to show them another way to deal with things in their real life situations. I came to this world not knowing how to copy/paste...and I have gained so much. I have had people from literally halfway around the world teach me the basics of computers. I have met incredibly brilliant people...and yes, I've met some people that, in a past life.........well let's just leave it at something a good friend says. "At this point, nothing good is going to come of this." I can't imagine another place where all that's happened to me in these last three years could have happened this fast. I've also had news here that I wasn't ready for... so I too must recreate my Secondlife experience if I want to keep the passion.
I don't want to screw this up.
There are those of you I want to keep...but I will keep you here. ***
And so it goes
My love to you all, brinda

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