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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Advanced for Fun

A little fun today.... and be careful... there's a reason the advanced menu isn't visible by default! If you've never used it...Cntrl/Alt/D... *************************************************************************

This is the one that we use most often, rendering, types,.... contact patch will let you find that rug that just went under the land . =^..^= Above and below are the ones that kinda scare ya.......(Consoles). Wish sometimes I was bright enough to know why/what these are used for.


The following images are of our home in various renderings....

De rendered all....(you can see Caros tag center right)...she was home. Contact patch & water only....all volume, alpha, trees missing.

All three sims complete...

Cammed from what would be a couple of sims south of us if they registered....There are Western role play sims just south of us...{dreamers, they have come to me twice asking if they can place sims on our south shores...that will never happen!}


If you have questions about the advanced menu feel free to come ask me...I know how to use most of the ones that we commonly need... and I know who to ask for a lot more.

Here's a handy piece of info you might can use someday. You find yourself on a parcel with a music stream you just love. You can find the owner and ask them for the URL to the stream... or you can go to advanced.... near the bottom you will see "View Admin Options" {Cntrl/Alt/V} that will allow you to click the land you're on...choose about land, can now see the media url playing on the land. {Btw...Admin also allows you to fly in "No Fly" areas, doing that can get you banned from a sim that has "No Fly" user beware}. If you do play around and really screw up your screen, all isn't lost... First remember exactly what you click, everything reverses. If all else fails you can log out...un install the viewer you used and reinstall. You may well lose your IM and chat logs...if those are important to you, you can copy all that info and back it up before you remove the viewer. I know for a fact you will lose all logged info by removing 2.0. but your inventory will not be affected. ************************************************************************ This weekend in the United States is a holiday...Memorial Day is Monday. This is the day we remember those that died in our single worst war. Our civil war...a war that cost us over 600,000 of our own...a war where sometimes brother fought brother and father fought son. Someday there will come a time when we can stop fighting and killing ourselves.... Sadly I don't see it in the few years I have left.... But someday... Secondlife could be a start... And so it goes May you all have love today, brinda Namaste नमस्ते

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