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Monday, May 24, 2010


East sim today...Lori's place in foreground... Ravens new digs... This is her first place also, she was a renter on another place 'till she found us.
I don't seem to have a really current picture of Lala! (note to self, work on that).
Lala's back! For those that don't know, Lala is my Secondlife daughter... we started this journey 3 years ago when we met at the Ahern welcome area. Recently we kinda think she was falsely abuse reported as underage and *The Benovolent Monarchy* takes allegations like that seriously enough that they banned Lala's account until they did verify her age {no idea why it took a month!}. ***
It's likely a good thing I'm a little short of time this morning 'cause the thing running through my head could have me sitting here for a long time.
Secondlife relationships!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One of my newer residents IM ed me last evening wanting to know about sharing a parcel with another. guys know how this works... your land, your rules {as long as covenants adhered to}.
Knowing a little of the back story my return IM just said, "Please be so very careful"... because while there are relationship success stories in Secondlife... they are few and far between.
In this case I was told that the real life partner is OK with this Secondlife relationship..............hmmm..Ok.
I hope it works out well....this world leads to incredibly intense feelings... real life perceptions change as they see our involvement...and in world....let's just say Secondlife men tend to stray.
As far as real life connections? No way, I've posted about this before...and I'll stand by that.
Sadly, I saw Smithy leave our island...well, really what's more sad is that I didn't "see" him leave. As so often happens many people just don't bother to say anything.
I often have new people come and see our place and instantly want to get a house and land and..and...
My advice is always to maybe just wait a bit...find out what you really wish to do in Secondlife. In Smithys case he was very new and borrowed a house from a friend and I suspect that after a couple months he found other interests...I sent a notecard thanking him for being here and wishing him well.
OK...I sat and thought about this for a few minutes. I want to say something...but as I've learned after many years of sayin' stuff and wishing I hadn''s easier to stop and think than to just blurt stuff out.
Andy, if you still read this know that you will always have a place in my heart as well as a place in our history. A day or so ago I logged in and as usual I was bombed with "stuff"... and it was a total surprise to see you log off...I hadn't taken time to look and see who was on line yet.
My hope is that you return someday...I do understand how painful it was for me to return to my place on the mainland and delete the shop Twinkle had...and I do understand your love of our home. nuff said

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