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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Friends, New Houses...& an Old Friend

Bubbles has returned!!! I was so pleased today when I suddenly saw the incoming IM... "Hi Brinda!!!!!".... Those exclamation points said it all to me... my Bubbles is back! We went and visited Porter and a few of her friends for a few before Bubbles had to go AFK. It says so much that she was embarassed upon her return...she is always concerned about other people and their feelings, and felt that her absence was longer than was comfortable. I hope she's able to stay!


I looked around this morning and saw that quite a few of our residents have been remodeling,upgrading, or just replacing their houses.....see below! *** Ottos latest...I haven't been inside yet, but I love the look

*** Caros first thought was Cape Cod, I know it's not...but it has that windswept beach house look. ***

These next two have special meaning for me.

First is Lori's Lori spent much of her first month in Secondlife at 2000 meters over Benares 17...building. Building everything, this girl has experimented with more prim properties in thirty days than I've played with in three years.


Next is Adriana

Adriana spent all her first weeks in Secondlife exploring... and finding out what many just never figure out... we need a community to involve us in Secondlife. Now there are a couple of ways to find that sense of community...I have chatted with people that are "homeless" in Secondlife and yet after a number of years they still feel a sense of can find them standing around at Hanja, Waterhead, Ahern, Luskwood.

For many of us though... having a home here is what gives us that community sense of "belonging" and Adriana now has joined our community. As she said, she's tired of the sandboxes and dressing rooms...

Below is the first place of her own in Secondlife.


More news... as always, some good, some that's not as good.

Under the not as good... there's some chatter that our friend Zarz will not return for sometime...if ever :-(( .

I'm old enough to understand that the only true constant in any life is change... some of our changes are beyond our control while other changes are choices we make. I do hope Zarz finds us again someday, while all of you are important to me...those I found in their first few minutes on the old HIs have a special place in my heart.

*** Good news! I received an Email from Barbara recently...her college project is coming to and end and she hopes to have enough free time to return to us. ***

Recently I posted a machinama about Secondlife {Breathe 2}... I've been trying to look at it gives me back some of those feelings I had when I was so new... I know that's important for me.

And so it goes

I love you all, brinda



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  1. Welcome back Bubbles.
    You were missed.