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Monday, May 3, 2010

Good and Bad...Nothing Indifferent

I saw a quick one or two liner on Twitter a day or so ago from Immy. I guess *some one* had told her that *some one* else had said that, etc etc etc etc. {No need for the details...that's where some of the problem started originally...people "said"} I promptly logged in world and told my friend that I personally had never heard any of the supposed stories. I believe I wasn't the only one that reported in since the purported allegations were rather serious stuff. I'm sure there would be some that might say that none of that was any of their business... I'm getting to that. The point is there will always be some that want to constantly "stir the pot" and create trouble...That is a not so subtle form of griefing. (Griefing, ie: creating grief for another solely for a twisted sense of power) I am an immersionist here in Secondlife...when I log in this typist fades into a distant pair of hands. Hands that more closely identify with the avatar on screen than the "real" body that controls them. I exist in Secondlife as surely as I exist in my first life. All social groups exist to better ensure the survival of the group....all. The human tribe formed because as a tribe we were better able to survive, not only as individuals, but as a group. We stood a much better chance to improve our standing in the world. Many animal groups today will ostracize aberrant members...and it's time to ostracize those that grief in Secondlife. *** My friend Jakob returned to Benares last evening for a visit...always a pleasure. I have to say this...even though it's, "blowing our Estates horn" . =^..^= He commented that in all of Secondlife he had never felt more at home as he does when he comes to a community that he is a part of, Benares. That was my goal so many hundreds of days ago... a community...not just pixel sand and prim houses. The house you see below was my first house at Arrazura in Secondlife. I bought a parcel there and had both a lot of fun, as well as got a start in my education here in Secondlife. Contrast that view with our Benares today... I saw the estate owner perhaps four or five times in the 8 months I stayed there. I never felt "a part of", and today I see that while much of that was my fault, Arrazura was never a community. It was pixel sand and prim houses, It was where my *stuff* was rather than my home. Idly that why that sim no longer exists?

Arrazura, circa July 2007 ( Obviously pre "Windlight" sky)


I'm normally a tough old bird real life...*been there, done that* in so many areas. Here in Secondlife it's different... I so miss the ones I get close to...certainly one cure would be to do as my former estate owner did....strictly business...I can't do that.

I've lost quite a few in these last few months and have one or two more that worry me.The worry starts when they stop coming regularly for one thing, they lose the passion.If we intend to stay we have to be friend Ling has reinvented both herself and her home here several times. Yesterday was my third rezz day and I have gone though quite a few changes over the years.

I don't ever want to leave...

And so it goes

I love you all, brinda




  1. Belated happy rezday! :) I think you and soror Nishi are a mere two days apart in SL "age".

    As to the passive-aggressive form of griefing: that's why there's a Mute function in SL, and a comparable "Ignore" available in some forums. There's also the ignore function in our brains: for instance, there are certain bloggers whose sites I refuse to visit, no matter how much I may respect the person who posts a link to them. I believe that's what you meant by "ostracizing"; the Amish call it "shunning", and it works.

    It is more difficult to ignore "he/she said" when it comes from a friend you wouldn't dream of muting... but you can politely ask that friend not to repeat such things to you, and if they truly are a friend, they'll respect that.

  2. Thank you for the rezday wish Lalo...(2007 was a very good year)

    And yes, you certainly did understand me.
    Shunning, setting apart...the Brits call it coventry I believe.

    And thank you also for the other understated compliment. =^..^=