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Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Love Story...

This is a love with many love stories it has many wonderful moments....and some terribly sad moments as well. I didn't know Garth and I've never met Pituca...perhaps I will get that chance someday. I do hope you get the same feelings from reading a bit of their story as those I got when I first came across these two. ******************************************************************************** Take a look at Pitucas rezz date...May 17th, 2003, that's just days short of four years before I came. No laughing at the hair...texture hair was still default when I came. You will also notice that Pituca was a charter member...when the first residents joined they had an option to become charter members and that entitled them to a 4096 parcel for as long as Secondlife was around... in 2003 that wasn't a sure thing. Three months later she met Garth Fairlight...While it wasn't love at first chat... it soon turned into that. They married here in Secondlife on November 20th, 2003...and on May 6th, 2006 they were married in real life... I know those first years here were wonderful.

The picture above explains first where my above information came from and second...the middle part of their love story.


I believe there is a third chapter...the love story isn't over.

I went to their home...I can feel the love. He is gone for awhile yes...but I could feel something special at this spot.
My guess is this home is just as it was last year. You can just see the shop at the upper left corner.
This is the Fairchild shop...everything that Garth created is still for The love story goes on.
For some of the best stories and pictures of early Secondlife please take time to look at this link...It's so worth it....
*** Memoirs of an oldbie This is the SLurl to the Fairchang light house shop
And so it goes
my love to you all, brinda

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