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Friday, June 25, 2010


Even if you don't follow the Secondlife news, I would doubt there's anyone that hasn't heard by now that Linden Lab has replaced Mark Kingdon {M Linden} as CEO with the former CEO and creator of Secondlife, Phillip Rosedale {Phillip Linden}. Yes, the jury is still out...but I for one have renewed hope for our future. As I went through my mornings review of the various and sundry blogs I follow I did find one really definitive post from this woman, Zha Ewry . I know it's a long read but it's so worth it...Zha has been here nearly four years and works for what likely is the largest IT company in the world. ************************************************************************ I was looking last evening at the flags on the telehub... Secondlife is such a magical place. I try to represent everyone that lives here with a flag of their country.

I do have a rainbow flag texture to put up as well, just haven't made room for it as yet... {I know, it's not a country...although in some parts of the world identifying ones self as other than heterosexual can make you feel like you're from another world}. *** A few brief comments on something I hear way too much about.... False abuse reports. I believe that everyone should have the right to report another avatar for violations of those Terms Of Service we all agree to when we create an account in Secondlife, or for violations of Community Standards. The part that's been really bothering me is those abuse reports that are filed as a form of griefing. Recently an avatar that many of my friends know and call a close friend has been accused of copybotting content and summarily banned from Secondlife. While I don't pretend to know all the details, I do believe that all the people that have come forward in his defense can't be wrong. In his case there is a general consensus as to who filed said report, and that the report was filed out of spite. In a recent conversation with a person that was mentored and befriended by the banned account I mentioned that certainly one reason I don't spend any time at any of the local welcome area hangouts is because of false abuse reports. From what I can gather, a report is sent and re sent by several alt accounts... that seems to flag it and for what ever reason those Lindens that look at abuse reports don't/can't seem to handle the workload and if the report is something serious they bann and the investigation can take weeks. I don't know how the report system identifies which violations are things that need instant attention. In years gone by I can tell you that I have identified underage accounts on the help islands and before I could fill out the second report the first one was gone. I know false reports happen...and banns happen.... and weeks go by. My Secondlife daughter was banned as underage...she came to Secondlife three years ago when she was 18...she faxed a copy of her drivers license to Linden Lab as proof of her age. It took five weeks. Thinking... if it took five weeks then, and now they are 100 people smaller? Will the change at the top of the Lab make a change in this? I don't know if that's possible.

What I do believe is that just as the images above indicate, we have such a chance to be a part of something that is priceless. I can sit in my home in Southern California and have a personal connection and interaction with friends all across the entire world: the USA, Canada, UK, France, Romania, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Qatar, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Peru, Brazil. (If I left your country out yell at me! ) =^..^=

I have more hope today than I did last week... I'll leave with something I posted on Zha's blog this morning...

"Those of us that came some time ago understand that Phillip and his company didn’t create Secondlife. They created a platform…they created code and viewers…they bought and fired up servers. We, the customers, have created Secondlife….. Never mind those that said Secondlife isn’t a cultureit is for those of us that made this world we so love. Yes, listen to us or we will feel unwanted and go somewhere else. Not because we don’t want to stay but because we will feel unwanted."


And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda



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