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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Changes We Need...Changes Coming...

Some of this news is a little scary, some is great, somes is just news, maybe some will make you think. It would seem as though not everyone has my {or your} best interests at heart, "Shocked..Shocked I tell you!". Now most of us figure that out in grade school, but I'm a notoriously slow learner so it took me a few more years. I want to believe that a company with the obvious technical resources of "The Benevolent Monarchy" would have its customers best interests at heart when it comes to protecting our Internet security. I don't expect "T B M" to sit beside me and explain to me that such and such a website might be dangerous to my security... but, silly me, I would think they would set default options so that those options would be set "default off" and with a pop up that would warn me before I did something potentially unsafe. I'm referring to viewer 2.0 and it's capability for media on a prim. Perhaps stop and take a look at this jira {Secondlife bug report}... That report gives a lot better explanation of the risks than I ever could and notice the date, February 23, 2010... that's before the general release of viewer 2.0. They knew this had the potential to cause a lot of risk to all those that logged in using that viewer. It occurs to me that when I first logged into Secondlife, I wasn't much different than so many that come today. Many of us are those that pretty well fit the description I saw in one of the comments in that jira, we had the cable/geek/it guy set us up and say, "OK, here's the on/off switch". We weren't those that came here first... those pioneers... we were the nooblets that wore a box on our head for an hour {yup, default "wear" was your head not your hand}. Today I get along pretty well here and while I still find challenges in Secondlife and computers in general I'm no longer quite so lost. I can explain to someone how to go to "preferences"..."media tab"... uncheck "automatically play media".. (yes, you can leave streaming media, there is a slight risk there as well..but manageable). What does surprise me is how long this security risk has been known and why the solution has not been implemented. If nothing else why there isn't a warning pop up... I don't want to believe it's laziness... Is it a refusal to acknowledge that 2.0 was created in a rush to try and make Secondlife a 3D chat room in order to skim off some of the Farmville/Facebook millions and getting the Web into Secondlife was just the first quick step to allowing access from the Web without requiring downloading software? Curious to see just how long this has been "in the works"? The date on this jira is March 1st. You will see my comment is dated today, previous was June 27th? If you need a hand with disabling Media on a prim just IM me. **** Other news... It looks like Raven and Flor are setting up housekeeping together! My heartfelt best wishes to both... while as a personal preference I don't presently intend to establish such a relationship it's important to remember my friend Lings admonishment... "Have Fun!". **** My dear friend Angel isn't going to be able to return soon, and I have decided to put her former parcel up for sale again. While Krasin is the oldest resident and the longest continuing, Angel was our first. I will continue to hope for her return someday. ***Sale zero L$ (no resale) 2464 Meters 560 prim 6000L$ month tier only*** *** ***

********Just a couple hundred meters South is a nice starter parcel********

*** Sale zero L$ ( no resale) 1440 meters 328 prim 3500 L$ month tier only***

There are a couple of main island parcels as well, including one or two on the West shore with great sunset views.


Thats all my news for this post...

I suspect some changes in my Secondlife will come in these next few days.... Secondlife is a world of rapid change if nothing else. I consider myself to be incredibly lucky to still have four friends from my earliest days. While I came into both this world and my first world alone and will leave the same way. It would be the height of folly to believe that I don't have a choice of companions.

And so it goes

My love to all, brinda




  1. Of course, the easiest way to disable "media on a prim" is:

    Don't use Viewer 2!

    But that's merely one of many reasons to avoid that fiasco.

  2. Yup!
    Gosh, I hate logging in with it even loing enough to try and help a nooblet. Sadly though, the newest residents are the ones most at risk.
    They are steered to 2.0 and have no idea there is an alternative. Or two =^..^=