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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rude People...

This comes under the heading of stuff I just don't understand. I've spoken before about how I see Secondlife as a place for entertainment, for creativity, for a platform to perhaps better understand other cultures throughout the earth we all have to live on. You know, while I say I don't understand griefers and griefing...actually at one level I do rather understand.... I suppose it's a way to demonstrate a feeling of power for those who feel powerless. Then come people like the guy that dropped in on me last evening. Picture this... I'm standing in my yard on a pose stand editing the flexi prims of a sari I was overhead, when all I see is a pair of shoes next to me and a "Yo" in chat. Now "Yo" reminds me of the Rocky films and while I guess there is a place in the United States culture where "Yo" works, I've always found it odd . OK...first take a look at the profile. Smell my finger?.... OK, while I find that line something he likely wouldn't say in front of his mother... I suppose his mom isn't here and I didn't have to read his profile. Our profiles do say so much about us though...positive and negative.

Now as I come out of edit and see him... he's straight out of 1978, giant afro hair...clap doctor white pimp suit, platform shoes. Take a look at the conversation...and this is the part I don't get.

Now egowise, what makes my opinion important is that I pay nearly $300USD every month for the sim he's visiting... he wasn't invited...and he chose to teleport in. The button he asked about? There are viewers where as a manager or estate owner you have access to a menu with a GTFO button... one clic and pooof the problem child is gone from your sim.

Could have I been more polite..hmm...maybe. On the other hand I believe in being proactive and holding people to their advertised beliefs. You publish a crude profile statement? You could be totally shocked at what can come out of my mouth.

Followers of this blog or me in person see I don't say words I couldn't use in front of a child, unless....... unless you just think you can treat me disrespectfuly.

Yes I do realise it's not a spiritual point of view...

Maybe in my next life.

And so it goes

I do love you all {well at the moment...most of you}, brinda




  1. OMG!! ROCK! LOL You really wanted to kick that pixel ass!! What a reject. Makes me thankful for all my sweet, intelligent, and undeniably superb friends in SL!!

    You go get 'em tiger!

    ~Lori Faerye

  2. Thats just one more reason I love you like I do Brinda.