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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Birthday Party. Plus, some come...and some will leave

Secondlife is a place where we all can grow...if we're a mind to. Social situations have always been a stressful place for me and overcoming much of that has been made so much easier here in Secondlife. I suppose much of the perceived ease has to do with first our anonymity, and second that with cntrl Q the situation instantly disappears from our view though not from our mind. I preface this post with the above because last evening I was invited to a social gathering where I was only going to know two people and I was glad to go and honored to have been invited. The occasion was Carl Metropolitan's fifth rezz day here in Secondlife. I first met Carl at the Sutherland dam discussion meetings and found him to be a careful, thoughtful thinker that would stand by any rational decision he made... whether it was a popular decision or not. Carl was the head of NCI for a few years and has since moved on to become the Chancellor of Oxford at Caledon. As I said to Linda Coffee who put on this event, "He's a very special guy". {and btw, a public thank you to Linda for my invitation.} See a couple of screen snips immediately below of the early guest Lori and I stayed about an hour. As always, it makes it easier for more guests to attend if one doesn't overstay.

***********************Happy Five Carl Metropolitan*************** ********************************************************************** I'm pleased to announce Benares has its newest resident, AlexHayden Junibalya. Forever to be known as Alex from now on =^..^= If memory serves me Alex is several hours east of me so I was surprised to see he had already rezzed a home (now comes the part I love the most..furnishing and landscaping). {Am I the only one? I was near terrified when I tried to rezz my first house!} ***********If you've a few minutes check out Alex's blog ***********


Next today...... Sophie had to point out what Marianela had done with her place!So cool... I had never seen this done before. The entire ground floor is an aquarium and so well executed. A well deserved plug, Marianela has a shop, let's support our own.


More new "residents" below. If you haven't visited "Animania" it's a must visit place.

*******************Mother Orca and baby!******************

*********** Out near Sophies look for the very "busy" dolphin ***********

Coming in another couple of weeks Benares will likely have a prime private parcel. I've been notified by Sabre that due to real life circumstances she will be leaving Benares. While that is sad news I will look back with fondness at the time she's spent here. I don't know if she's representitive of all Canadians but if she is you can easily see why they both survive as well as thrive in a land that starts at about 45 degrees North!

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda



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  1. Thank you Brinda, for that warm welcome. It is very much appreciated. So much so that I've put an entry on my blog this morning about why I've chosen Benares for my home.

    You are not the only one, I'll happily admit that I was both excited and terrified when I rezzed the house into place. Took me a few goes though...