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Friday, July 9, 2010


I have spoken often about what I call "time compression" in Secondlife. I'm guessing the phenomena occurs in many/all virtual worlds but Secondlife is the only one that I've ever engaged in for more than a brief time. Time compression for me is the feeling that my three plus years here feels more like... I don't know, ten real life years? Perhaps pick a number that resonates for you... my guess is that you too will feel that we sit down for a few quick minutes and an hour or two has suddenly passed. I believe much of that is because of the intensity of the Secondlife experience. I suspect that many of us have felt a definite close emotional attachment to another avatar here... maybe an attachment that bordered on a feeling of real intimate love. It can happen. It happened to me... and the feeling of loss when one or the other goes on to other pursuits in Secondlife or leaves Secondlife is palpable... it really feels as though we can touch that feeling. Now I'm self described as a tough old bird... those that have followed this blog in the past, or chatted with me for a period of time in world know some of my story and that I can truly say, "Been there and done that", at a level few that come here would want. Not horn blowing, or that I'm a genuine bad person, just a fact...and the best thing is that I survived and have managed to grow up. Having said all that... this past week has been very hard for me on so many levels. My friend and almost daily companion has gone on to other things here in Secondlife... we were never an "item" just close friends and that friend was someone that taught me much about Secondlife and computers in general. I think that same intensity I spoke of above had a lot to do with my friends "burn out". When one manages an estate or owns one it's common on log in to be flooded with note cards, IMs, and people wanting a piece of you... stuff breaks, gets lost, or they just want to say hello. It's intense, and if you have other interests in Secondlife it can be difficult. I will continue to miss my friend, and yet I know it has come time to move on. ***** Moving on... Sabre has sent me a message that it has come time for her to make changes as well, take a look at what she had to say. I never had many chats with Sabre but those I did have impressed me with her directness... I will miss her as well. Mucaro is going to branch out to further explore Secondlife and will downsize her parcel here at Benares...but like my friend Breye, she intends to maintain a home here. One sad moment yesterday was when I was re landscaping the mesa area. I needed to move a memorial there... (see below}...

********************Gin Bolissima had a dream here********************* There is always a fine line between allowing your residents the freedom to do whatever it is they have chosen for their Secondlife experience {provided it fits the covenant agreed to upon taking possession of that parcel} and allowing behavior to go on that is morally wrong. Yes, all here are ostensibly adults, and all of us are equal... and you know darn good and well some of us are more "equal" than others. By default, I allowed someone to take emotional advantage of another... one that really didn't have the strength to emotionally defend herself. I still miss my sweet island girl... I should have done better, she deserved better. A thank you to Andor for the beautiful roses and vase. I still have the tier box. ********* Other news... I got an IM this morning from Kate, the manager from The Kasbah music venue, asking about a place for a home. I sent her a notecard with landmarks to these parcels... **************************Northwest West************************

************************East Sim-Northwest corner********************* ************************Northshore Mainside*************************** I hope Kate joins us... she was recommened by Porter and all the staff at leogans Kasbah club are great hardworking people. **************** I had a long chat with Twinkle yesterday. She is going to do some jpegs for me to send to Paisley Beebe. Perhaps we can expand... while I have a very small presence in Inworldz I'm not ready to abandon Secondlife just yet. Tomorrow I want to post some of the pictures I took today around Benares. Nothing serious, I just noticed again today how much whimsy we's a good thing! **** And so it goes I love you all, brinda Namaste नमस्ते



  2. Ah...Free is wonderful,yes.
    But but to be free costs so much.