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Monday, July 26, 2010

This is a loss to all of us...

***********************soros no more tier party******************************** Without a doubt the best music I've heard at any venue in any life***** *****************************The Born Again Pagans****************** ***********This was the last day this creativity existed in Secondlife*********** ********************************Today********************************* This will be a short post... I'm trying to decide why I feel as I do. I was invited to soro Nishis party Sunday. soro has had enough...she's not leaving Secondlife but she decided that continuing to pay tier to a company that won't meet her needs or even admit there might be a problem with how they treat her isn't a route she chooses to travel. I wanted to post a couple of pictures of the party as well as an image I took this evening of the abandoned land. As for the story of where we as a culture might be headed, I'll leave that to Lalo Telling. His piece posted just thirty minutes ago says all that needs to be said today. I'm saddened... I'm in fear... Saddened that some one with soros ability has made the decision she felt she had to make. I'm in fear that we are seeing the possible end to this grand experiment we call Secondlife. And so it goes My love to you all, brinda Namaste नमस्ते


  1. Brinda, please don't worry...the people who love building and creating are still in the Metaverse, some of us have just chosen a grid with nicer 'bosses' and lower prices... InWorldz is one of several.... so we are just the diaspora.....blown out across worlds to enrich and colour other grids.

    I start building at IBM in a little over 3 weeks you haven't seen my last, by a long

  2. What a very kind thing to say about our music! Thanks ever so much!

  3. =^..^= Hexxie, the truth is always easy.