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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Secondlife Art.....& brief news from Benares

On Monday my friend Lori called me to let me know there was to be an art show here in Secondlife and while I rarely attend these I wanted to support my friend. Lori had been asked by Shadow McConach to hostess the event and supporting events here in Secondlife is something that can have great benefit for our Secondlife community. I went. I want to say right now... I made the right decision, at least for me. I was privileged to meet one of the artists, Elferson Thespian, a few of his works will be found below along with the works of several others. While so called classical art has never been a big draw with me, the "tech art" {for lack of a better name} I found absolutely stunning. It's just another of those "not possible in real life" situations that keeps Secondlife always new for me. *****************************************************************

**************** Above is Castle Benrath site of the show ************* Below some of the many works displayed on three floors and several hallways

***************************************************************** This image is by Tischvier Writer. The original shows the rose texture moving across the work.

**********{from a screen snip that does't show the true beauty}***********
The three images below were created by Kyra Roxan and these screen snips don't do them justice. ****************************************************************
Elferson Thespian is the kind of man I really appreciate here in Secondlife. He is tremendously talented but seemed to have his ego in check... a rare commodity from my experience here.
We had a brief chat and he proved himself a total gentleman with casual small talk.
*****My images below are a poor sustitute for the quality of this mans art.*****
All in all I had a wonderful experience... Just another time I didn't follow my first thought!
As far as Benares this past few days... all is well. I have moved the guest house up on the mesa
so that there will be another parcel available on the North shore.
Caro has decided for now to remain on the parcel that Andor named Bliss... (Andy if you read this, Bliss is still safe =^..^= }.
Breye has returned from the drama that turns up in role play.... this morning I saw a new house on her place. She's introduced me to Gramps... secretly I'm hoping that's just a Secondlife name and that I'm still the oldest!
I haven't seen Lala for a few days... guessing I need to Email that child and see what's up in Bucharest... I know, it's summer vacation.
Bubbles is likely in the UK now for a part of summer... I guess if you live in Sweden you learn to really enjoy your summers!
That's enough for now.
And so it goes
My love to you all, brinda

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  1. Thank you for coming to the opening of the gallery! It's good to expand your horizon and enjoy the world from a different point of view. All of the artists there were/are spectacular ~ Elf, Jasoon, Kyra, Tischvier, and others! Thank you for your contributions to our ever expanding appreciation for life...SL and RL. Shadow and Mortimer...thank you for your tireless effort to support them.
    ~Lori Faerye