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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Day Well Spent...

I've spent much of today reading blog posts...Twitter feeds...and logging in and out of Secondlife. I have IM s set to email so that whether or not I'm logged in I can see what people might want to say to me. Good thing that today... Flor sent an IM about 9:45 that our estate was being weird, I logged in and everything looked OK... script times were under 17ms, I figured that she likely tried to log in during the rolling server restart scheduled for today. Fast forward about 5 hours and I see and email that she's gotten a notice that she's estate banned! I log on and sure enough her name is in ban list....and now comes my only guess as to how. There is another avatar with the same last name...still makes no sense...with only two of us authorized to add names...very odd. While I am one for not being pleased at how the Labbies are doing a lot of things... we must give Satan his due. The Secondlife platform today is so much more stable than it was three years ago... remember just a couple months ago when we were down for three quarters of a day? I do understand exactly how Flor felt though... Secondlife is just that for me...a Secondlife. This place and these people are important to me. ****** The only thing absolute in any world or life is change. After about fifteen months on the West shore of Benares, Amber and Couchman have decided to move on. Amber and I never got close and that's not what we planned just turned out that way. I wish both of them much happiness in both real life and Secondlife and I have told Amber that if she ever wants to visit and reminisce please feel welcome...I still return to my first home site three years later...even though the estate name has changed. ****** Part of my web surfing this morning...I went looking for the musicians that worked soros tier free party and had a great time digging through The Born Again Pagans blog as well as finding the sound I heard last Saturday...give this link a listen! There are a couple of free cuts available for download as well...go for it! I'm going to go around and see if I can get a few of us together for a show at Benares..heck I'll cover the cost just to hear more of the incredible sounds. ****** Looking around the estate this morning...I had asked Twinkle to do me some size specific jpegs and I think in these next couple of days I'm going to contact Paisley Beebe of Treet TV to run and ad campaign for me. We have about 4 or 5 empty parcels and have what is likely the best residential community going in Secondlife...(IM me..I'll turn you onto references) =^..^= ******************* A few Images below of parcels available******************** West shore...twin 2048 meter parcels.. 468 prims... zeroL$ sale, tier only... estate rights...5000L$ month. Can be joined as a larger 4096/937 prim/9000L$ month Private Isle 2048 meter...468 prim...zeroL$ sale tier only ...5000L$ month North shore 2048 parcels... same zeroL$ sale.... tier only 468 prim...5000L$ month ****** And so it goes I love you all, brinda Namaste नमस्ते

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