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Monday, August 2, 2010

Just Thinking Today...

I guess this may well have been as long as I've gone between posts since I started this blog just three weeks short of one year ago. I hadn't realized it was coming up on the anniversary until I just went back and checked the date. ****** This past week has been an emotional one for me... A few things happening real life, a lot more going on here in Secondlife. Let's see... I've spent a considerable amount of L$ to advertise on Paisley Beebes Treet TV. Any operation / business / whatever, either has to grow or die. Benares isn't ready to die just yet. ***** During a chat last eve with a personal friend I was saddened to see that another person I thought was a good friend to my friend had cut them from contacts. Yes..I realize that a contact list can get a little long, and often I add nooblets to contacts for a few weeks or so and if they have taken their Secondlife in a direction away from me I do remove them.... On the other hand Katina has been on my friends list for three years now, and we might just IM a "meow" about 3 times a year. For me, keeping good friends here is something important and isn't determined by frequency of contact. ****** I'm again blessed with a couple of new women in my life here. One from the west coast {SLT} and the other from the Netherlands. Mentoring new people is what both makes me happy as well as passes along to new people what was freely given to me. ****** My dear friend Kattie has just about finished moving in real life and says she will be able to spend more time in Secondlife now... Kattie and I have a long history here. She is such a gift... true friends are priceless. **************************** Katties corner ***************************

I went to see some of soror's work a couple days ago... and found just the place for one of her creations, I just had to have it =^..^= I'm going to make this corner a place of whimsy. *** soror Nishi's creations are still available in Secondlife ***

Wandering around the sims this morning I took a couple of images... I'm always so amazed to see the beauty created here.**************** Both views from Benares West ***************** ****** Reading over this...there's a lot of rambling...and there's still several things left to say. Good! Now I'll have no excuse for not posting tomorrow or so.

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda



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  1. It looks great, that is my oldest tree still for sale, probably made in the late summer of 2007, and formed the basis of my ideas about trees and especially about canopies. I felt that flora would have developed in VWs according to similar principles it followed in RL, the simple, the most harmonious way to 'grow' a canopy would be the one chosen and developed over the years. I'm glad I made that decision as it has allowed me to continue in a fairly consequent manner developing and refining a simple idea until it is now synonymous with my style.