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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Notes from SL grid..X=1058 Y=1110...Yup, Benares

OK...let me be one of the first (that I know of) to not debate #Emeraldgate.... it is what it is, and nothing to really concern me. The other wild thing currently going around in the blogsphere is display names, for more information I suggest you look at the Official Secondlife Website {and no, I'm not going to link it...does that give you a clue about how important it is?} I will add this link from AlexHayden Junibalya just because everyone can use a smile. ******* There have been a few changes at home....let's see. In no particular order..... ******* *** Felicity is another of those people that just amaze me...she's not been here very long, but has to be another of the really bright people that Secondlife attracts. ***
I found this scene set up on Sophie and Felicity's parcel..(and no one around)... the prim with text said, "Tempting isn't it?" And of course I just had to kick a domino...............and couldn't stop the inevitable results. I'm standing there contemplating 500 dominoes all toppled over when Felice drops in. After I pleaded temporary insanity she said,"No big deal"...deleted my mess........
rezzed the tool she had made, turned it on, skipped around and around with dominoes falling on end all set up behind her!
***** Where on earth do these people learn all this? Felicitys parcel mate Sophie was here two weeks and built a fantastic house...I've been here three years and my houses look like poorly made boxes with badly fitting lids. ******* **** Krasin is our oldest continuous resident's been a little over two years since she joined us and got a small 1024 parcel....a few months ago she decided to go to a 2048 meter parcel, and then last month when this private islet came open she asked me if she could move to it. Remember the freebie house on the Help Islands...the Archer house ? Krasin had a great time in that place for a very long time. ***** Ling has made changes to the southwest corner... btw, I had to derender her lighthouse to get this shot. Ravens new house behind Lings...more about hers in a later post. ***** Flor has redone the southeast corner as well. You might contact her to ask about a tour of the art library shes done up over this parcel...really well done build. Flors another that came to secondlife with so much talent. She is also the editor of the Palais magazine, you can find a magazine vendor at the Benares telehub. ***** Lastly I've added a few more things to the whimsy corner....this plot is just west of our guest house.

I wanted new people to see a bit of what is possible in Secondlife... much of the objects there are creations of soror Nishi.

****** OK real life calls...after I log in and tell Raven that we can re-rezz her deleted house easily (that's why I always have them write down the XYZ on the house!)...

I am still as fascinated and in love with Secondlife as I was on May 2, 2007

And so it goes

My love to you all, brinda



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