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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Inevitabilty of Change...

**************************************************************************** As per the title, change is inevitable.... Just as we are no longer 65 cm tall and 14 kilos, we are not what what we will end up being... and neither is Secondlife or Benares. I admit to strong feelings concerning where Secondlife is heading, many of us do. And yet if I read posts from Lalo Tellings recent studies of Secondlife history... or the interesting stories of Pituca Fairchang, the direction Secondlife is heading is unclear... I'm sure of one thing though, no one knows. Yes, I have looked into a place for myself and my residents to go if we/they choose... but it's not time yet. I see the inevitability of change in myself, I don't do the same things I did three years ago. Benares has changed... and will change again. The basic plan for the estate will remain and my basic goals will remain, but residents come and go. The residents that are there now will change in how they live their Secondlife. ****** I saw Felicity out East last evening... Ling and I went out to see how she's doing. Felicity has spent the last couple of months in Japan. We were glad to see her... maybe I can talk her into rebuilding a house out there. that parcel looks so empty. ****** Lita IMed me from the East coast USA a day or so ago... She's been on vacation for about a week and a half now. I had to laugh when she told me she was going to kiss Mickey Mouse (Disney World, Orlando). I've missed's been a little odd not to see a note from her everyday giving me stat reports on tier boxes at Benares. If anyone ever would like a little help/advice on how to furnish and landscape a place with a minimum of prims my Lita from Lima is the person to ask... just take a look at the beautiful, fantastic job she's done on her place sometime. (a 196 prim parcel that has prims left over!) ****** I've had a hard time getting much done in either life this past week. I spent a nice few hours yesterday with Victoria and Fenna, my two newest friends. I took them to both Steller Sunshines beanstalk as well as Fairchang for a little history lesson here. I think it's beneficial for nooblets to see where Secondlife has come from in order to perhaps see a direction they might wish to head...or at least to see some of the possibilities. ****** I stopped in long enough to get SLurl info for this post as well as to set a couple more objects at the "whimsy" corner. Saw my friends Victoria and Fenna...chatted for a bit, took them to Ferd Frederix place for exploration...and back now to publish this post. I do need to get outside and DO something today =^..^= Perhaps a drive to Los Angeles this evening would be fun...for those of you that don't know the city...LA downtown about 3:30 AM on a weeknight is a very interesting place. (I used to be part of the "entertainment") OK...let me finish the links and publish. And so it goes My love to you all, brinda Namaste नमस्ते

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