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Saturday, August 28, 2010

I don't Understand...

Well...more of the things I just don't *get*. A short list: Painting your name...or any name on something that doesn't belong to you...(unless the person that owns the object is paying you)... Breaking windows that you don't own... Flattening tires on anothers vehicle... You get the idea I'm sure. How about the recent server crashes in Inworldz? It's all meat from the same bone. I posted a few pictures recently of one of the brighter people I have the pleasure of knowing in Secondlife and the dominoes she had set up.....{below}*** ****** Yesterday, I logged in a bit earlier than usual, I had received an offline IM day the Swedish friend Bubbles had let me know her summer vacation was over and we often meet early in my West coast time zone.

Looking over the sim, I saw an avatar out on Sophie and Felicitys parcel....camming out I see someone running around. Now I suspect that if you are reading this post you aren't new...and by default you don't "run" in Secondlife.

I teleport out to the land...and this {below} greets me.... Fjorn Arun had been running around knocking over dominoes, just to the upper left you can see him rezzing those dark blue cubes. The dominoes had been left physical so they would fall in a line... I had dominoes all over the place!

OK... first, I tell all my residents to set land to group object entry/create....for what ever reason this land wasn't. That's how he was able to do this...why he did this is the part I don't get.

When I landed I greeted him and asked if he was someone I knew..some one alting. His chat was a script I didn't immediately recognise...(turned out to be Korean) so I sent him home.

Thank you viewer 2.ought oh...he was back before I could get his name typed into estate ban. I did get him out and gone...and a couple minutes later I got an IM wanting to know why I had sent him away. I want to believe that he really didn't understand.

After thinking about it for a day....can't be cultural. My experience with Asian cultures would indicate that western cultures have a long ways to go. Age maybe... the deformed avie is odd, I guess I just don't get it.

People in Secondlife pay real money to own land...just as people in real life pay money to own things.

These are things that, first I don't understand...and second, that I hope that person remains in this world long enough to understand.

And so it goes

My love for you all, brinda




  1. Uh-oh, Brinda. I guess you won't approve of this post!