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Friday, August 13, 2010

Dreaming....What if....

I woke up in the early hours hours of this morning thinking about Secondlife... a not unusual thing for me. Secondlife has changed a lot since I came here over three years ago... I was one of those that came in those halcyon days of early 2007 when people were coming at a rate now seen as both unbelievable and as it turned out, unsustainable.

I had been rereading Wagner James Au's "The Making of Secondlife" , and from the benefit of three years experience, the book now gives me a much better view of where we are today in Secondlife. {btw, of all the google links to this book I tried to chose the least commercial and the most definitive}

Daily concurrency rates in early 2007 were in the very low twenty thousand range... and if memory serves me well, by the end of that year those numbers were nearly forty thousand on a busy day. A year and some later, those numbers reached the high seventys and ended over eighty thousand.

I have been as guilty as any of talking about my perception of how Secondlife might be failing. If history is prologue, things will change. But the doom I perceive is just perception. The fact is, my past perceptions are a history of me rarely ever knowing what is really happening. Secondlife does need change... reading Au's book, it will change, and I believe we will change as well. Those days that Pituca Fairchang described are gone...(and thankfully the avatars that went with them) =^..^= Yes, I wish I had been there then... but if I practise my life philosophy properly, I need to Be Here Now.

****************************************************************** ******************************** Remember When? ************************ When I work with new people today, I see many with the same wideyed sense of the magic that captured so many of us that have remained.

As a realist, I know what I'm going to say will not happen...but what if. What if those that take a perverse sense of power by teasing new people didn't do that? You want to help stop that? Call the people that do that on the's called peer pressure. What if those that ignore new people didn't do that... that they just texted a "Hi :-)" What if we all remembered how we felt when we were new? What if we all tried to actively help just one new person a week? It could happen... I will still dream... And so it goes My love to you all, brinda Namaste



  1. What if we say everything with a smile? (^_^)

    Brilliant post. Thank you. (^_^)y

  2. Immy...that's just one more reason you're fun to chat with! =^..^=