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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pagans & Whimsy...

I had to put a part of my other "real life" on hold today for an extra hour after I saw this tweet!
The Born Again Pagans from Amsterdam were doing a gig in Secondlife and I admit to being totally in love with their sound... I've posted recently about first hearing them at soror Nishis tier party. They are such an eclectic group... no head banging, can't think music.... music that lets your mind just want to follow and yet you can have a chat too.
I've offered to host the October edition of the SL Bloggers party... no details just yet. If I get my way I want hexx Triskaidekaphobia and Madame Amoufhaz to provide the sounds.
Images below... credits for the first two images courtesy of Lori Faerye:
I think their gig at Rastafairy Beach is a weekly thing...I'll be sure and let you all know.
I've decided to do a "whimsy" corner up on the mesa... I read something from soror Nishi about how foolish it might be to just try to see art as only in terms of "art" as we know it in "real life" museums when we have the chance to create wonderful things here in Secondlife.
Not all you see below is from soror, but most is, and I've already had compliments on these creations.
Remember the very first "RULE" in Secondlife....have fun!
And so it goes
I love you all, brinda


  1. Alisa and I have a "whimsy" area in our sim in InWorldz, not a corner, but in the center. Its anchor piece is one of soror's trees... Any surprise :)

  2. i was quite pleasantly surprised by the Pagans too. love that Rastafairy name!

  3. It's Monday early afternoon and I managed to catch about 45 minutes of the music today as well...
    At my age I never expected to be quite so fascinated by a new group...{old dogs etc}
    Caught soror logging on, so she caught a few short minutes and my friend Raven got to hear that group for the first time too.

    And Lalo...=^..^= nope, no surprise! I'll have to come see soon. Still trying to keep Benares afloat
    OK my other real life still calls for about another few hours.