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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bits and Pieces...Stuff

Just a few random gleanings from the blogosphere I peek into. In no other order than that chaotic place my mental me lives in: I saw this post from AlexHayden Junibalya, it's a great machinama look ...and yes, next you will see where it came from, but this is where I saw it first. {Don't yell at me, we aren't married!) =^..^= New World Notes...Hamlet had the post first. ****** I think I'll have to go look at Soror's dragons.... I'll likely end up with one for the whimsy area... I'm just hoping the prim count won't make me yell too loud! Take a look at these...too cool. ****** Not in the blogosphere.... Gabby came to chat with Victoria, Fenna, and myself today.... It's so cool for new people to see that people in Secondlife can have relationships that go back for years.... that Secondlife isn't just a temporary 'flash in the pan'. You can always see the interest from new people when old friends start chatting about "remember when". ****** I know I'm avoiding logging in just now....I've seen an off line IM that there's trouble in paradise.... You know....It seems that no matter how often I try to counsel newish people about Secondlife relationships... Hormones, I don't know...something allows people to disbelieve those of us midbies/oldbies that, most often, Secondlife love affairs don't end well. OK first a bite to eat. And so it goes I love you all, brinda Namaste नमस्ते


  1. Awww shucks, it's not as if I claimed complete credit for it....

    Besides it was filmed in Mirromere, part of Calas Galadhon, which is my SECOND favourite place in the whole of Second Life (just behind Benares of course...)


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  3. Alex...I'm always proud of posting beauty.
    {And the removal above was 'cause I can't type}