"Listen with an open mind, but don't try to remember this stuff. There's no quiz at the end." Jack Kornfield

Saturday, August 7, 2010

For many of us Secondlife is a real existence, as real as our existence in our "real life". I know it has been that way for me since my second log in..(my first was on dial up so I didn't realise how dorky I looked.) I wonder how many of us ran around talking to our friends about this wonderful thing we had found in Secondlife only to see blank stares. I think that out of all the people I've ever chatted with about Secondlife only perhaps four created an account, one came once...the longest any of the remaining three came was a week. {Btw...I was given that avatar and Sunni still exists} =^..^= I suspect I'm not alone in this either..I rarely ever mention Secondlife to anyone today. Perhaps a good example....My television got very tired in this last month...plasma took forever to warm up enough to focus so yesterday I ventured out to Best Buy to purchase another. Now keep in mind that I don't cooperate well with giving out information at any store... I see little need to give them information to archive or sell. So when the sales clerk started asking me for,address, ect... I start telling them I'm homeless, and that always goes over big when you hand them a credit card. This clerk was very young, a really nice young woman and found it so funny when we got to talking about sales info. I explained that if one were to google my real life name.....nothing, but if you google brinda Allen it goes to like seven or eight pages, and then came, "Who is that?". Now keep in mind we are at a store that's heavy in Internet stuff, OK? The kid had never heard of Secondlife and neither had her coworker. Today in the blogs I see the answer to both the why Secondlife's growth has nearly well as the why social media has exploded. In reverse order... I have looked at Facebook, and My Space, and Farmville, and...and... You can log in spend four hours...or four minutes, and get an emotional "payback". Someone said Hi...or posted a picture...or you said hi or posted a picture. Now Secondlife.... In a post today from Gwyneth Llewelyn I think I saw exactly what it takes to stay in Secondlife and why making Secondlife "fast easy fun" for the nooblets isn't, "Secondlife". This quote is from the last sentences of her post, "However, the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that we’re really seeing things from the wrong perspective. Second Life is not about happy newbies. It’s about high-quality immersion. And that has very low appeal to the vast majority of people out there." Please read the rest of what she has to say, I think it's time well spent if you have ever idly wondered why people will just look at you funny if you try to describe Secondlife. Trying to describe Secondlife kinda reminds me of a line from a Jimmy Buffet song so many years ago, "It was like the simple it plumb evaded me." Maybe file this post under fast easy fun... at least those song lyrics from Lord Buckely {link to lyrics for "Gods Own Drunk" above} so many years ago should give you a smile. And so it goes My love to you all, brinda


  1. yep, I read that too, and Botgirl's kinda links to that too.

  2. Brinda - I believe this is one of your most eloquent blogs. I think you are starting to go transparent. (A JLS reference :) Andor

  3. Andy...You know, I've do think I'm becoming a touch more transparent =^..^=

    {And you must know, that I know, that you know, that I know you read this.}
    (happy dance!)

    Always a pleasure to know that you are OK.