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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friends...Some You lose...Some You Always Have

There is always a special place in my heart for those I meet when they're new.
No matter their real life's much like watching children grow up, such a joy.
My dear friend Mucaro has made a major change in her real life and that change has impacted where she calls home here in Secondlife.
Caro was a resident here for over a year...she started in Twinkles rental 1024...moved a bit east to a larger parcel...onto a private islet, and finally to a parcel I've always seen as special...Bliss. The parcel was named Bliss by Andor some time ago and I always thought it was a perfect name.
Today Bliss will be again set for with all my land, the sale will be for zero L$...tier only.
Perhaps tomorrow or so I may re-image this beautiful parcel using daylight...Today it kinda fits my mood. {It's beautiful at midnight too}
Good news........and some that's rather sad.
The good news first........
I got an off line IM this morning that my Bubbles has returned home from summer vacation...some of Bubble family lives in the UK and she spends a part of her short summer there. The not so good news.........
Again, those people I meet when they're new have that special place in my heart.
I see a close friend that I met well over a year and a half ago has removed me from her friends list. I'm not surprised...she often removes those that have no contact with her after a bit. I do as well, I will add a nooblet so as to keep track of them early on...and after a bit, once they find their way in Secondlife, if we find nothing in common I remove them as well.
Today I guess my relationship with my old friend is over...rather sad. And so it goes
I love you all, brinda

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