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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Admitting a Mistake is the adult thing to do...

Before I repost a comment I made earlier today perhaps take a look at these links and tell me if you think this is the kind of guy you would want to have working for you. Qarl Linden An employee that creates stuff like this... An employee that gets a quarterly performance report like this... (Thanks to Tateru Nino for this link) I first saw a link to this from soror Nishis blog first thing this morning, Qarl Linden was summarily fired. Wagner James Au in his blog New World Notes, has a lot of links as well as comments posted... including mine. {Sheesh...that's a lot of html isn't it?} Here is my comment today on the New World Notes blog: RE: Qarl Linden Phillip Rosedale we have never met and most likely never will in this incarnation. I hope at some level you can possibly ever begin to understand what you have done for me. I am of a generation that predates broadcast television, I was born in 1942. I purchased my first PC in February 2007 and around the end of April that year I saw and ad for something called Secondlife. I logged in on dialup, couldn't even move...but I saw enough that the next day I ordered broadband and three plus years later I'm still here, paying substancial tier. I joined Secondlife unable to even copy/paste... my IT mentor has been an avatar from Bangladesh and we met in Secondlife. Because of your dream Secondlife, my life has been totally changed, I am now of this generation and I will be forever grateful. I say all that as prologue to this.... It totally baffles so many of us, your customers, that people with such incredible talent are not allowed to "slip away"... they are driven away. Your company asks me to take a survey and I gladly comply... the same comapny asks me for an email address for future surveys, I gladly comply. The next day that same company sends me a survey via email... I open it, and I'm told, "You have already taken this survey". You allow someone to keep a job like that, a job that I could do for minimum wage, and let talent with a resume like Mr. Stiefvater get away? I don't mean to imply any malfeasance did or did not happen...but there are only a few immediate things that should/could have precipitated this move. In no particular order: Theft... Incompetance by his superior... Drug use... Drug use by his superior... Or no ones in charge... You brought me new hope a few weeks ago... Please keep that hope alive. The mark of an adult is to be able to say, "I made a mistake". And so it goes I love you all, brinda Namaste नमस्ते

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